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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Albert's Bike Breaks Down!

Last night I posted that Albert and the kids were out on a bike ride to McDonalds to return some Redbox DVD's.
Well, after a while passed and I thought they should be back by now, I went to sit outside on the porch with Sydney and wait for them. Albert, no kids. It was getting chilly so Sydney and I came back inside and a few moments after that Emanuel came running in.
"Mom" he said "Dad's bike broke down and he needs you to come pick him up. The handlebars and everything fell right off."
Lots of laughter broke out among the kids and their friends.
I scrambled to find the keys and went to get him. On the way out of the driveway, I passed Drew playing with Brice. I rolled down the window and said "Drew, I have to go pick up your Dad. His bike broke down on the way home from McDonald's."
More laughter amongst Drew and his friends.
I found Albert near the high school about a half mile from the house. His poor bike in shambles. Apparently first the brakes had given out...then the handlebars and finally the pedal. It was a mess. Albert loaded the sad remants of his bike in the trunk of the van and then helped Brandon and Jackson (who had stayed with Albert while Emanuel rode ahead for "help") load thier bikes and I drove everyone home. It was a hilarious scenario. Really funny.
We had a great Friday night though. I went to bed early, which always makes for a great night for me. Albert and the boys apparently stayed up watching movies and eating pizza. I woke up this morning and got the leftovers.
Emanuel spent the night with our neighbors little boy Gage. He has a "going to middle school next year" party to attend tonight. He is very excited. He says he had a great night last night. I asked him what they did and he said "Oh, we ate pizza, played washers, played GameCube, rode down the stairs in sleeping bags...had sunflower seeds..." Sounds like he had a wonderful time. This weekend he has to make a solar oven for a science project. It's due on Tuesday so he and Albert will be working on it in the next couple of days. I'll be sure to take pictures and upload them so you all can see his work. We've been researching it and learning about how to make one. It seems a bit complicated but not difficult.
Hopefully we'll have a relaxing weekend. So far, most of us are still in our pajamas today. The twins and Sydney just laid down for a nap (still in PJ's) and the older kids are going in and out playing with friends...except for Brandon who is still trying to finish up the last of his chores so he can get out!)


TONYA said...

Oh poor Al. Very funny though, I would have been LMAO had I seen it. I'm picturing the bike slowly falling apart as he's trying to make it home ... it's something out of a funny movie :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Where are the pics of the bike??? This is hilarious (since it happened to someone else and not me!) Poor Al! But maybe this means a new bike is in his future?

The Romero-Schroeder said...


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