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Friday, May 23, 2008

I can't take another day like this!!!

Last night ended really smoothly. We all watched "National Treasure II" together as a family and then went to bed. We fully intended on sending Jackson to school today. Sometime during the night...I beleive at around 1:00 am he came running into our room crying and screaming that his ears hurt. Probably an ear infection I thought. Afterall, he's had the runny nose, congestion ect for about a week now so it adds up. Then I noticed that his breathing was off an on quite heavy and he was sort of struggling to catch it sometimes, though not constantly. I gave him a few puffs of his albuteral and it would settle down for a little while. This process kept repeating all during the wee hours of the morning. When we woke up for the day he looked pretty bad. I figured after talking it over with my sister Katie (who is an asthma pro) that I should take him in. I didn't want to go all the way to the pediatrician's office becuase its a 2 hour round trip.
Albert suggested just taking him through the Urgent Care that is located only 15 minutes away. I called the pediatrician so she'd know what we were doing. Then it took unil noon to get all the babies plus Jackson ready. I rushed through getting myself together and then came downstairs to load the babies in the van. I loaded Brice and Sydney and then came in the house to load the twins. I grabbed Isaiah and turned to walk back through the kitchen and load him. Before I knew it, I felt my feet slip out from under me and in an instant BOOM (and quite a big BOOm it was) I was on the floor on my rear end. Poor Isaiah hit his head on the floor. Apparently dear ole' Brice had dumped a cup of water on the floor while I was upstairs getting dressed and neither he nor Jackson had thought it important to mention. I was in a bit of pain and Isaiah was a bit scared and confused (though I don't think hurt badly) Great. Another call to the midwife.
I call and leave the midwife a message and then go on my way to Urgent Care for Jackson who by now is perking up some. I had given him a dose of Isaiah's Cephlexan so that he'd have an antibiotic in his system.
We get to Urgent Care and's packed!!! At least a 2 hour wait if not longer I am told. Well, I can't wait that long because its now 12:30 and I have to be home by 2:45 for Brandon to get off the bus. Jackson is now looking so good that I say nevermind and come home.
When I get back home I lay babies down for naps and the midwife's office calls me back. They agree that I can just stay home and monitor myself (afterall at 12 weeks pregnant what can be done anyhow???) I am supposed to stay off my feet for the next day or so. YEAH RIGHT!
I venture out to the mailbox to check the mail. There is a letter from the midwife/OB's office. I tear it open wondering if I owe a balance or anything. It says they have been trying to reach me unsuccessfully regarding my "test results". I sure hope my pap smear was okay because that would just top off the day if not.
I call the number listed and the nurse asks me "Ms Fontenot...were you treated for your bladder infection?"
"What bladder infection?" I ask
"Well, you had a bladder infection last time you were here."
"When was that?" I ask
"On the 15th" she says
"Oh well, I never had any symptoms" I explain. This actually happens frequently to me when I am pregnant. I tell her that I had Strep throat and already completed a z pack for that so shouldn't that cover me.
"well...we need you to take Macrobid now" she says.
Now why couldn't they have told me this news when I just spoke with them earlier????? One can only wonder.
Albert and I have discovered the joy of emailing from albert's phone in order to stay in touch during the day. I then dashed off a very pointed email to albert detailing my day and telling them that he'd BETTER be home on time.
He emailed back that he'd be home at 4:30. Now, he gets off at 2:45. I emailed back "4:30 you say??? What are you doing??""""
He called to say he'd stopped at Leclede's Landing for a couple drinks. I tried to be nice and say "Well, hurry home" but I'm sure he could feel my blood boiling through the phone. He was just kidding though and showed up about 10 minutes later. He is now bike riding with the boys down to McDonald's to return some Redbox DVD's and hopefully pick me up a double cheeseburger. Brice, Sydney, the twins and I are watching a Barney DVD for the second time in a row. So much fun. I'm getting ready to head into the kitchen to start up our gourmet dinner of ...hotdogs and rice!!!! Yummy! Seriously though, we have so many leftovers we have to get them eaten or it will be wasted. I know the kids will understand :)
I really hope Jackson doesn't have another rough night. I don't think I can take another moment of all this sick crap. I'm getting ready to dose up every single family member with a good amount of antibiotics. Gotta run, Miss Alexandria is accidentally downloading something onto the downstairs computer!


Lynn said...

Sorry you had such a horrible day. Hope the weekend is better!

TONYA said...

oh honey, I'm sorry you had such a rough day. I hope that bladder infection is in fact gone and Brice sleeps through the night.

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk on the cephalexin sharing...that's a no no! :)
Seriously though, I hope Jackson had a better night and that you guys can all kick this crazy sickness out of the house soon!!!

Jane said...

My goodness.

I think you are my hero.

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Men what a rough day, hope you fell better form the fall!

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