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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh, yet another OMG day!!!

Yes, I am back with another fascinating story of how our family has wrecked havoc on yet another doctor's office. With two more appointments still to come this week (one tomorrow and one Thursday) I am starting to wonder how I will come through with my sanity intact. That is, if it is intact now, which is open to debate.
So yesterday, Brandon came off the school bus complaining about not feeling well. He said his head hurt and he was sure he had a fever. Usually when he is sure he has a fever he is spot on. Unless, of course he's faking, which is not uncommon.
So, I took the temp and it was 102.6. Crap. Now some of you may remember from previous entries that about a month ago I took the twins into the ER for fever and a strange rash on Isaiah and that we were misdiagnosed. Earlier this month at their 18 month checkup the ped announced that the rash Isaiah had was in actuality a strep rash. She gave me an RX for amoxicillin but guess who didn't fill the script. Yes, me. He was getting better and I just dropped the ball and didn't get around to it. Plus since he was improving it seemed needless. Well, last week the rash reapperared with a new vigor and we started the antiobiotic. But suprise, suprise, one of our older darlings stored the script in the cabnet instead of in the fridge like it s hould be and ruined it. Another call to the ped and a new script was filled. Saturday night Isaiah had a fever agian, doubtless from the untreated strep that I had bumbled around with. Now, he has passed it onto Brandon. Lucky us. Since Brandon is doing so well with his remission we were allwed to wait through the night and bring him in this morning to clinic instead of making an ER visit.
We get there...Me, Albert (who is late to work) Brandon, Brice, Isaiah, Alexandria and Sydney. Now, normally the kids at clinic all are treated out in the big, spacious, open activity room which is filled to the brim with fun activities, sodas, snacks, art projects, movies, videos ect. But, if you are sick and therefore contagious, you must stay in the exam room. This is really a GOOD rule as many kids with cancer are unable to fight any germs and could easily be in serious danger from another sick kid. So, please don't think I'm complaining. I certainally would have it no other way.
Anyhow, much as Albert would LOVE to stay and help (yeah right!) he has two important meetings at work that he cannot miss. So he leaves. I think I saw him do a victory dance in the parking lot. If I were him, I'd have stopped for a big tall beer after leaving that place. The twins were miserable in the stroller. Their misery was rivaled only by Sydney who sat arching her back in her seat and screaming shrill screams that very much resembled a siren wailing. After a good long while of this going on, the secretary comes in to ask if we'd be more comfortable in the family room. HECK YES. The family room is called "Kate's Corner" and it is a family room like no other. It is big and open with large window seats and two mini-bedrooms built in. There is also a large media room off to one side. Both the media room and the family room have large plasma tv's. The mini bedroooms each have their own smaller tv's. SO NICE.
We have a pack-n-play that we keep at clinic so we don't always have to remember to bring one. I set it up in one of the mini bedrooms for the twins, turned on the tv to disney channel and plopped them in. Isaiah would have none of it though. I tried to put Brice in the second mini-bedroom but he was equally uncooperative. Sydney continued with her screamfest unless she was being held. I seriously thought my head would explode. Each baby produced a poopy diaper. Isaiah proudly produced two. I kept having to run back across the hall to the main clinic to request a chemo-bag so I could properly dispose of it. Each time I tried to give the twins a toy they would chuck it out of their pack-n-play. Finally the nurse came to get Brandon so Dr. Rob could have a look at him. I went across the hall with him to talk to Dr. Rob while nurse Jamie stayed in "Room O'Hell" with my babies.
Brandon opened his mouth. Dr.Rob looked in. Dr. Rob nodded. Looks like strep. He did the swab to be sure and in a few minutes, Brandon's strep swab was looking quite identical to many of my pregnancy tests...two lines for positive.
The rest of the visit consisted of us waiting for Albert to get done with his meetings and come pick us up. I almost lost my mind many times. It became clear that I would not make it back to get Jackson off the bus so I called my friend Ora to see if Jack could ride home with Jacob, her son, to thier house. Then I called the school to inform them of that plan.
When Albert arrived, we bundled up all our gear and headed out. Albert needed to change into his uniform for the second job at the Cardinal's staduim and began to change clothes right there in the family room until I pointed out the sign on the wall that read "FAMILY ROOM UNDER SURVEILANCE CAMERA'S" I'm sure the nurses would have gotten a huge laugh out of that one!
So Albert goes across the hall to change while the babies all continue to scream in their stroller. On the way home we stop at McDonald's cause I'm starving and haven't eaten all day. But oops, I've waited too long to eat and as we pull in, I have to dash into the bathroom to throw up. Discusting. Finally we get some food and I drop Albert off at the stadium where I then make my way back onto the interstate and home. After picking up Jackson from Ora's I get home where two of my boys remind me that they have a field trip tomorrow and thus need a sack lunch. Crap. We are soooooo low on groceries. I cook dinner, get everyone fed and then put the babies to bed so I can go grocery shopping. I get home, pack up the lunches and my oldest son announces to me that we are out of clean towels in the linnen closet. I say to him with a straight face "I don't know what to tell you Drew. Shake off when you get out of the shower and air dry."
Such a fine moment for me as a mom...don't you think?"
I'm now waiting for this freakin Cardinals game to end so that Albert can take the slow as molasses metro-link back to IL and I can then go out to the station to pick him up. I have his dinner in the microwave ready to be heated up. Lunch ready for tomorrow. Yet, I know, as sure as I'm laying here trying to get a bit of rest that when he gets here he will say to me "Did you get a chance to get my work clothes together for tomorrow?"
I'd better get a attitude adjustment and fast....Tomorrow's appointment....THE DREADED WIC OFFICE. Yes, it's WIC time again. I know most of you ladies know how much I love that WIC office....until tomorrow then...


Jeni said...

hey ang, it's jeni you need help on thursday at the appt. cause i have nothing else going on right is out till, well you know when the summer session starts, and i don't have to work......i will be glad to come and assist you......

Jane said...

goodness. i don't know how you do this. good luck @ WIC. yikes.

Terri O'Laughlin said...

Holy Crap, Ang! I am exhausted!! I don't know how you do it!!

TONYA said...

Shake off and air dry ... I'm peeing my pants with laughter. I love your family Ang. Seriously. You never cease to amaze me. I love that you seem to come through all of this situations with your sense of humor still in tact - or at least it comes across that way :)

Good luck with the dreaded WIC appointment.

BoufMom9 said...

Holy HELL! I was wondering why I hadn't heard from you & now I know why! HOLY Ang! HOOOOOLY!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Again Angela, this is amazing, you are my hero!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Love it that you said shake off and air dry! I think at that point I would have just sat down and cried but what do you do? Say something hilarious! (Erin)

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