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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our big ultasound...not as exciting as it looks...

Today was the big day. Ultrasound day. We knew we didn't want to know the gender of the baby but I was still really excited to see him/her on the screen and hear all the details of his development.
We got there and quickly I realized we had the worlds meanest ultrasound tech. She made Albert wait in the waiting room for most of the scan even though we didn't bring ANY kids. Before she started, she turned the screen away from me so I couldn't see anything...uh, thanks.

As she started scanning I just sort of looked at the wall waiting for her to start talking. She never did. Finally I asked about the palcenta and whether it was in the right spot or if it looked low lying to her. She says to me "You'll have to talk to your dr. about that." Really. About my own placenta that you are looking at right now...okay whatever.
Then I ask her about the baby's heart, brain and kidneys. No info. Nada. She repeats her stanza about having to talk to the dr.
Finally when she finishes all her measurements she does go to get Albert and lets us look at baby for a while. She is particulary interested in showing us baby's feet for some reason and spends most of the time chasing pics of the baby's feet. At the end as we are leaving I ask her
"Well, does the baby look okay? Does he or she look healthy?" and she wont even tell me that! She says the dr. will have the report the early part of next week and I can talk to them about it. Wow. That makes me feel really comfortable.
The only information gleaned from the u/s was that the baby weighs 13 ounces and shows a due date on that scan of 11-27 and has a heart rate of 156 BPM. Oh, and its only one baby. But I already knew that from an ealier scan. So now I am tense, stressed and irritated and will be until Monday morning when I call my midwife and ask her to track down a radiologist and figure out whats up with the scan. Was the tech just one of those "rule followers" who won't divulge any info she isn't specifically supposed to or is there something she didn't want to tell us? I don't know. I have NEVER in 7 other pregnancies some of which brought MANY ultrasounds had a tech act like that. I've never had a tech not point out all the structural parts of baby and explain everything. This lady was such a killjoy...
Yesterday was our midwife appointment. That went much better. Everything there went perfectly. Tammy, the midwife still really wants to induce. Mostly we talked about shopping and teenagers! I love my midwife appointments. Oh yeah, she did read our birth plan (ha ha) and said most of it looked fine except one of the OB's had an issue with leaving the cord attached to the baby due to an increased risk of jaundice. It doesn't matter anyhow though b/c we want that cord blood collected and I hadn't realized when I wrote the request that leaving it attached would affect the availability of blood to collect for Brandon. Also in the event of a C section the baby cannot come to recovery with me...I'll argue more for that if its needed.
I asked point blank what exactly the hospital could do to us if we disobeyed the photography policy and she told me pretty much NOTHING. Yea!!!
Going to go scold kids. If they finish thier chores they get a trip to the pool in a few minutes. Jackson is trying desperately to make a cheese sandwhich but no one wants to help him! LOL


BoufMom9 said...

UGH! I hadn't realized that she didn't atleast point out body parts to you 4 chambers of the heart or anything like that! UGH! How awful!
next time, request someone other than her!
So, sounds like you will have a "Turkey" baby!

Lynn said...

I wanna smack that woman!

CC said...

sorry your u/s stunk. maybe she just felt uncomfortable giving out information... I sure hope there is a healthy baby in there... I would be freaking out until I knew something as well. very frustrating esp when you have been through it so many times before...

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