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Monday, July 14, 2008

Good News from the OB Office!

This morning, bright and early I called the midwife/OB office about the ultrasound. They called the imaging center right then and there and told me they were going to be getting the report faxed over and would call me right back.
sure enough a couple hours later the nurse called back and said everything looked perfect! The baby and placenta all looked great. We just had an extreme rule follower like my friend CC had assured me. While I totally understand the tech's need to protect herself from liability, I still feel she could have given me some inclination that all was okay without putting herself at risk. Something like "I'm not the dr and you'll have to get the final word from her, but as far as I can see Baby looks Okay" would have been greatly appreciated.
But, no worries. all is fine.
Today we met up with several friends and their little ones for a play at the park! I was a mean Mommy and left the twins at home with Drew- otherwise I'd be chasing Alexandria one way and Isaiah the other all while trying to keep Brice in check and take care of Sydney. So I ended up brnging Sydney, Brice and Jackson since Brice and Jackson were the ones who were mainly in the same age group with the other kids (there really weren't any other kids the twins' age which is another reason I opted not to bring them). We had a great time playing. Brice was his usual self and got scolded by a stranger at the playground for throwing gravel. This does not suprise me. A while later as Brice tore off across the park and didn't come back when I called him I called out "Brice...I'm going to spank you" and the stranger replied "Can I help?" I had to supress a laugh but rather firmly stated "No thanks" The stranger was someone's dad...probably his kid had been a victim of Brice's gravel throwing." During the playdate Brice managed to empty his water bottle out into the garbage can, then drink Jackson's and hit another kid in the head with a big stick. Next time Brice will be staying home as well.... Jackson was a very good boy and played happily with his friends. He was a bit miffed when he discovered Brice had consumed his water but other than that he was thrilled with the morning!


Terri O'Laughlin said...

glad to hear it is all good news!

Pam's Pride said...

I am so glad everything thing is good with the baby and the u/s!

Hehe!! That is hilarious that someone offered to help spank your DS!! LOL!! So oppisite of the normal 'do not spank your kid in public or at home or you will scar them for life' mantra we hear nowadays!!

Jennifer said...

yeah for the good news!

Lynn said...

Glad that all's well!
I've had a LOT of ultrasounds and they ALWAYS told me what was going on, what they were doing every step of the way, and that everything was she was a party pooper!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Yay to the good news.

Brice!!! you are going to drive your MOM mad

Sharlene said...

Yeah! great news.

TONYA said...

Thank goodness everything is fine. You must have been so relieved hon.

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