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Monday, August 11, 2008

Albert's First Day Of School...

This morning Albert returns to the is the first day of school for teachers in the St. Louis City school district. I can't say I'm happy that he is gone (we really like spending the time together) but I am glad that he'll be getting a paycheck again. Last night, he recorded a message on his cell phone to serve as an alarm many of you know...waking up on time is a big, big issue for him. This "message" to himself says "Wake up Albert! Wake up or they'll fire you!" over and over again. I was absolutely in stiches listening to it. I woke up with him so that we could read a little bit of scripture relating to work before he left. I also made him his "healthy" though yucky breakfast of plain oatmeal with a third of a cup of walnuts thrown in ( the suggested breakfast to help lower his cholesterol). We are both proud to report that he was indeed....a half hour EARLY to work this morning! Yea us!
So I thought I should update that Brice indeed DID cause distruction when shoe shopping on Saturday....this time....he pushed Jackson into a sunglasses display in the store. Later at the gas station, he told someone their belly was too big. I swear we did not teach him to behave this way. He is currently racing around in circles in the living room chanting. Oh, and he just chucked a football at the window and is now attempting to shoot a fly with the bullets from a nerf gun.
Tomorrow is the dreaded WIC appointment....
In other news, the three oldest boys are in awe of the Olympics. This is the first time they've really shown any interest in it...they all stayed up late last night watching it....later, I found them in the living room practicing their "gymnastic" skills! They also enjoyed the Men's Swimming. In fact, this morning they are already snooping about the television trying to find whatever Olympic coverage they can find.


Jenn H said...

YAY to getting to work early, BOO on less time together! Brice, as usual, has me in stitches! Note to self, pee before reading about the ever hilarious WIC adventures tomorrow, lol. The olympics have been great so far. My fav by far to this point is the men winning their 4 x 100 swim relay over the French by a hair, YAY!!!!!

Terri said...

Congrats on getting to work early. One day down!! How many to go? I feel the pain of always being late. People really just need to tell us to be there 30 mins earlier than when the event really starts. Maybe then, just maybe we would be there on time!! lol

Shannon said...

Wow, I do love a good Brice story! He really gives you plenty of material, doesn't he, LOL!

Wow the summer has gone by fast, can't believe that Albert is back at school. Good job getting him to work on time!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Have a nive FIRST week at work ALBERT!!! and GOOD foryou for being on time!

Lynn said...

Praying about tomorrow right now....

Sharlene said...

You make me laugh every time you post about Brice. I know. I am bad. But he is just such a character. I am glad the boys are loving the Olympics. We are too!

Christine said...

Hello cousin!!! This web site is awesome. You are absolutely amazing to me! The pictures of your children are beautiful, you are truly blessed. I will talk to you soon! Christine

CC said...

ugh. does albert dread going back to school... boy I sure would! Guess that is why I am not a teacher! LOL I tagged you at my blog... check it out to play along!

BoufMom9 said...

OMGosh Ang! DYING!
LOVE LOVE LOVE Albert's alarm!
ps sorry I didn't call you back! I am SOOOOOOOOOO lame! :(

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
It's your Aunt Paula from MA. I am exhausted just reading what happens in the Fontenot house!!!You are all troupers...Albert- good luck with school- kids- good luck with school.
Sending love to all ,
Aunt Paula

Lynn said...

Way too long since there's been an update...everything okay there? You wouldn't want me to start worrying, right?

Anonymous said...

Hi Cousins,
Just stumbled across your website and needless to say, I'm ecstatic. Congratulations on the expected blessing and we all love you. Will alert the rest of our family to your website as well as the update on Tuesday. She will definitely stay in our prayers.
Your cousin,
Frances in Los Angeles

The Rhoderick Family said...

I love your blog!!! I will keep checking back and will add you to my favorite spots!!!

Lynn said...

Getting very nervous at this end since it's been so very long since you've updated!

Ev. said...

Hi All,

I checked in this morning to see if anyone had written lately, and Lynn, I saw your message. Please know that all is ok. They've been very busy with Albert back to work, Ang back in school and school starting. And, her internet is temporarily not up and running.
She should be back in about a week or so. I'll tell her that you've been asking. As always, thanks for all of your prayers and love.


Lynn said...

I should have checked the guestbook days ago! WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to read that all's well there! You've just never disappeared for this long...well over here anyway! Glad to read that you're just busy with everything! Had been discouraged every day looking in and not seeing any update.......

* TONYA * said...

Miss you hon. Hope you are well. I was away for a month on vacation and was hoping to come back to a million updates from you.

How's school?

How's Albert doing now that he's back? Is his alarm waking him up? That cracked me up by the way. Hilarious.

Gosh I love a good Brice story. That kid is personality personified.

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