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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Brandon is sick again

Yesterday Brandon came home not feeling well. He had a slight fever (100.8) but nothing too significant. It was a little higher at bedtime (101) but had dropped a bit by this morning. I called Dr. Rob who said that as long as he seemed okay we could just monitor him at home. That went okay until just a couple hours ago when he started feeling pretty bad and I checked his temp and it was 103. So now I have just put in another call to Dr. Rob to see if we should bring him into the ER or if we can wait until tomorrow for an office visit. Albert has to work tonight so I'm trying to decide which will be a bigger pain in the neck...
I guess this means I'll be missing class tonight. Bummer. It will be the second one so far...its only the third week of school. The last class I missed was due to my not being able to start the van. Turns out it was just a locked steering wheel. So frusterating. But so me.
Brandon is now lying on the couch moaning and calling out for his Dad. He is fairly dramatic when he is sick and a few moments ago asked "Why do I have to be sick again?" I feel bad for him. It must be hard to constantly catch every single germ in the air and be sick so often. He'd been having a good run for a while. He says his throat hurts so I'm hoping that it isn't strep. On the other hand, maybe strep would be a much easier fix than a more drawn out virus that takes a few days to get past. His poor little eyes look so miserable and uncomfortable.
In other news the boys had a 9/11 ceremony at school today, yet only Brice and Jackson bothered to dress in patriotic colors (well, if you count a red Cardinal's jersey as a patriotic color). The other kids didn't seem all that in to dressing up for the occasion. Jackson brought home a flag that he had decorated from construction paper at school.
One other bit of afternoon news, when I picked Jackson and Brice up at the bus stop, I was informed by the bus driver that Brice would not remain sitting in his seat during the ride home and kept getting up and climbing into the aisles. Now I have to call the school to see why he isn't in a harness or seatbelt. What fun.


Lynn said...

You know I'm praying for Brandon!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't think they had seat belts or harnesses on buses?

Shannon said...

I was coming to your blog to say that I'm glad to see you back online, but I'm so sorry to hear that Brandon is sick! I hope it doesn't turn into anything more serious and that he feels better soon!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

I hope Brandon is feeling better, and i will say a prayer for him...

Dave and Jenn said...

Hi Angela,
I have been thinking about you and hoping that everyone is Ok and well. I hope nothing serious is going on with Brandon. Just know that I think of you often!
P.S. try and have the baby on Nov 27th...that's my birthday! :-)

Jenn H said...

Hope Brandon gets to (and is) feeling better quick! We'll be saying extra prayers for him!

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