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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The long version of our update...

Okay, so finally a few moments for a proper update! It's been almost a month without internet so I'm not even sure where to start. I'll go down the list of family members and see what there is to say.
DREW- He started 8th grade this year. He is once again in band and looking forward to all the festivities that will bring. Homework is taking up LOTS of time at night (read: the entire night) and we've had some struggles with studying and tests but we're working at it.
EMANUEL- This is his first year of middle school! He is in 6th grade and so far is doing fabulously. He works very hard and so far has made wonderful grades. No more sports for now but he is interested in playing basketball again.
BRANDON- He has started 3rd grade and is doing well so far. Football season has started and he has a starting position on both sides of the ball! He wasn't able to play linebacker as he and his coach (and his Dad) had all hoped because he was 5 pounds over the weight limit! You have to be no more than 85 pounds to play certain positions (out of caution for smaller players) and Brandon weighed in at 90 so he is on both the offensive and defensive line.
JACKSON- Jackson started 1st grade and loves it. So far he's made really good grades though we have been having a bit of a problem with careless errors on his work (like, not reading through the questions or skipping some completely or writing a "d" instead of a "b"). Unfortunately he had to drop out of football this year because of his Kowasaki's disease and the effects on his heart. Can't remember if I posted this before the internet outage but although at the hospital his heart looked unaffected, when we took him back for his second echo scan they did find slight enlargement of his arteries that was not there before so becuase of this his cardiologist recommended that he sit this season out since it is tackle football. Had he been enrolled in something with less contact it would have been fine. So we're erring on the safe side.
BRICE- Brice is in Pre-K this year. He only goes for three hours a day but I tell you, the are the most prized three hours of my life! He looks so adorable getting on the bus each afternoon and as I stand there and wave to him and blow 27,000 kisses and continue to wave until the bus is completely out of sight (because he IS watching out the window to make sure I do) I can't help but feel the urge to break out into a happy dance as I watch it dissapear. Terrible, I know.
Apparently at the Pre-K testing to determine which kids get in (and the idea here is to test LOW not HIGH) Brice was a shoe in due to his refusal to count to ten in order and his claims not to know any of his ABC's. The fact that he failed his vision in his right eye and is surrounded at home by 3934930 siblings helped too. Perhaps most memorble that lovely day was towards the end of the testing when Brice walked by and tore off the letters on the "WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL" bulletin board. That was such a long afternoon. My back hurt. Really bad. All the parents of the Pre-K "hopefuls" were packed into the cafeteria sitting on the little tiny cafeteria stools. I'm sure this looked hilarious considering I'm pregnant and HUGE. Albert called to ask how it was going and I told him how miserable it was. He then hung up and proceeded to call the school office and ask them to bring me a proper chair! So embarrasing! Espicially after Brice and the bulletin board incident.
ISAIAH- We are in the middle of evaluating Brice for speech therapy services. He doesn't say very much. He sort of stands around and watches all the activity around him. He does like to play fetch (much like a dog) and enjoys a rousing round of jumping on the furniture. He is a very sweet natured little boy (except towards Alexandria).
ALEXANDRIA- also being evaluated for speech services. She talks quite a bit more than Isaiah but apparently not enough to not warrant the speech eval. She is not a very sweet natured girl. She yells, hits, screams and generally suffers from extreme selfishness. She has become very attached to her Dad. VERY ATTACHED. When she sees him she completely freaks out if he can't pick her up right then. She also doesn't like me to cuddle with him in front of her. She loves Mommy a lot too, just not as much as Daddy. She is very mean to her siblings. Except for Sydney. She loves Sydney.
SYDNEY- Very sweet to Mommy. Very mean to Daddy. Just as Alexandria is a Daddy's Girl, Sydney is a total Mommy's Girl. She reacts to me the exact same way Alex reacts to Albert. I'm glad they've split up the delights of their "affection" between the two of us or God help the one who'd have been stuck holding them both all day. She still has no teeth. She can walk holding onto furniture and is sooooo so cute!
NEW BABY- Growing and Growing! The second ultrasound of baby's head went really well. Everything checked out normally. We are going to schedule an induction date of November 29th if baby doesn't come on its own before that. The induction date is right at 40 weeks so no way to tell if we'll make it or not. I sort of hope we do because that date works well for school and work schedules yet I also dont want to be induced so maybe I'll get extremely lucky and he or she will show up the night before on his or her own!
MOMMY- Back in school taking three classes. I hate school with a big fat passion. Even more now that I'm 7 months pregnant. I'm constantly sitting in class starving. What a suprise. I'm having a great pregnancy though...much better than some of the others!
DADDY- He has started his fourth year teaching. He has great kids this year and loves it. Unfortunately St. Louis city froze all the teachers' raises for the year so that stinks but all and all its a great job that we are both really grateful for. Daddy is getting very excited about the new baby as well. He's really hoping for a boy! We'll see in a couple more months!
Thats all the news on everyone! Hopefully we'll have working internet now and can stay up to date!


BoufMom9 said...

Wow Ang! Great re-cap!
HOLY! Lots going on too.
Glad to hea that Brice got into preschool. It's probably just what the docor ordered for a pregnant mama.
LOL about the girls. Hmmm, wonder how that happened???? heehee

ps So glad you are back!!!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Thanks for the recap!!!! So good to hear from you and all of the CLAN, and to know that you are having a healthy preagnancy!!!!! LOL

Lynn said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now THAT'S an update!

Terri said...

Thanks for the update! It is great to hear from you all again! Glad you are getting a slight break with just the 3 babies home. Hope Brice is enjoying school. I am, however, totally jealous that a bus pickes him up for pre-K. I have to take Delaney! So not fair!

The Rhoderick Family said...

Thanks for the wonderful update! It makes me laugh just thinking about all of it. :) Your girls are so precious. I just wish you shared them with the rest of us more often!!! :) Just kidding, I know the momma and daddy need a break sometimes. Your family is such a joy!!!

Jenn H said...

AWESOME update!!! Cannot wait to find out what baby number 9 will be!! Brice of Brice, such a character! Hope the rest of this pregnancy goes smoothly and baby is a match!

Tabbatha Rose said...

So happy you are back online! We have been missing you. Ive thought about you every time Jess went to the Dr or had an u/s lol.
You are have been very busy!
I hope the family stays healthy and the fevers dont spread to the other kiddos.
Lots of HUGS!!
(ps: where are the belly pics?)

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