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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Update on Brandon

I took Brandon (and Brice, Isaiah, Alexandria and Sydney) to clinic on Friday. He is still having pretty high temps and not feeling well. On exam, his throat looked really red so Dr. Rob did a strep swab. Negative. So probably just something viral. Counts all looked good though, except CRP is high, indicating a definate infection. We got a dose of IV Rocephin "just in case" and brought him home. He still feels miserable and the fevers continue. He isn't sleeping well at night and keeps waking up with hallucinations (normal for him when he has a big fever).
I had dreaded the trip to clinic with all the kids but it was of course totally necessary. It went much smoother than I had anticipated. The only real drama came when it was time to go and we got all the way to the parking lot before I discovered that we had an empty seat in the quad stroller- alas we had forgotton Brice! How that could be possible, I don't know. We were just about to step out into the parking lot when I made the shocking discovery. So now we quickly wheeled back to the lobby where I told Brandon to sit with the stroller while I dashed to the elevator and up to the second floor to retrieve Brice. I could hear Alexandria yelling "Mommmy! Mommy!" the whole way, she was obviously displeased with my leaving. When I got to the office, there was Brice, happily playing in the activity room with the train set, oblivious to the fact that he had even been left in the first place. He had in fact, been playing so quietly the nurses and Jamie the secretary hadn't realized I'd left him either! I was sure they'd have thought I did it on purpose! I always tell Jamie she needs another kid- Brice would be the perfect addition for her!
When I got back downstairs, this time with Brice in tow, I saw that a volunteer had decided to sit with the kids until I returned. Alexandria was still crying, but not as hard. Having avoided the crisis, we continued on to the parking lot where it took me forever to load up all the babies in carseats and lug the stroller into the back on the van. We made it home just as the bus had dropped Jackson off. We found him standing in the street looking bewildered and concerned as to why I wasn't waiting at the bus stop for him like normal. I told him that next time I wasn't there (because I'm sure by the end of the year there will be several next times) just to go ahead and walk the five houses down to our home. Sometimes I wonder about poor Jackson.
So now we are just watching Brandon and hoping that whatever virus he's got will resolve soon. I'd like him to get back to school Monday (boy would I love that) but if he's still febrile tomorrow it means he'll have to stay home again on Monday (you must be afebrile for 24 hours before returning to class). So, we are just taking care of him, hoping he feels better soon. And hoping he'll stay asleep and not keep waking up panicked and mumbling things that don't make sense (hey, I'm pregnant, I like sleep too...)


BoufMom9 said...

Glad that it's just a virus for Brandon. Poor boy!
LOL about leaving Brice! How funny! Usually he;s the kid you can't possibly miss. LOL
Speaking of is he doing with preschool?

CC said...

i just dont know how you manage all this and be PREGNANT too! You are definately MY superHERO!!! I sure hope Brandon gets to feeling better! How horrible to have such high fevers and not really know what is going on!

bestfamily said...

Praying for Brandon Ang!

Lynn said...

Can't believe Brice was that quiet that nobody knew he was there!
Sorry Brandon's still not feeling well! Hope he's better quickly! Give him a hug for me!

Jenn H said...

Saying extra prayers for Brandon for a speedy recovery!

Jessica Kate said...

Ok Ang, I will NOT be complaining at our first clinic visit this afternoon. Your attitude is awesome. Praying that B is feeling better soon and that his fever subsides.

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