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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Getting ready for the new baby...

I can't beleive we are 38 weeks pregnant. Seriously, where did the last nine months go? I have been blessed with a really easy fact it hasn't really been until yesterday that I have gotten to the "I'm done with this" stage where I really, really want the baby out. We were scheduled for induction on the 29th but we've since moved it up to the 24th, so Monday is our day! Unless we go before then, which I seriously doubt. This baby is too stubborn. Oddly enough, I had figured that by this point I would be going crazy just dying to know the gender of the baby and now that the moment is almost just doesn't seem all that important compared with everything else. The funny thing about the baby's gender is that other than which nursery he or she will eventually be sleeping really makes no difference. You have to remember though to look at the situation from our unique perspective (unique to most people...not to you Debi)... We are expecting baby number 9!!!! While this is an incredible blessing for which we are ever so grateful to God, it does bring with it a number of subtle shifts from the way most families get ready for a new baby. In our case, it's not about taking the little ones to sibling classes at the hospital or preparing the smaller kids for the concept of sharing....or handling the "oh how will we do it with a toddler and a baby???" For us, its more about how will a new little life be most easily transitioned into the chaos and hectic-ness that we call our household with the greatest amount of joy and the least amount of disruption to the "family flow." How can we meet the needs of a newborn without sacrificing the needs of a teenager, a 6th grader, several elementary school ager, a pre-schooler and three toddlers/babies? How do I ensure that when we all return home from a family trip to Walmart, that the new baby doesn't get left in the car (go ahead and laugh, but Sydney got left in the car a few times as a newborn...fortunately only for a few minutes at a time...okay so once it was about 15 was fine b/c it was mild out but still, its scary and happens easier than people think, espicially when you divide up which big kid is responsible for bringing in which baby and then add parents and packages, diaper bags ect....let a few wires get crossed and an unaccounted for baby can be the result. Can you imagine if it had been Brice???) So, my original point (which I have now strayed quite far from) is that other than for mild, inconsequential things, the gender of the baby is largely unimportant. It will be very important once he or she is here and I begin a relationship with my new son or daughter and my children begin thier relationships with a new sister or brother, but for right now...from a purely theological standpoint of planning and preparing...whether the baby is a boy or a girl is not really the main emphasis. The machinery of life with a new member will begin the same either way. I keep hoping I don't forget to look when the baby is born!
Ditto for the baby's name which is still undecided. This past weekend Albert and I did make our final "list selections" however, while this sounds like it is progress it really is not as the list for each gender contained at least 10 names apiece. I really hope that when the moment comes, the "right" name will just be clear as it was for Sydney (who of course now could never be anything other than Sydney).
Homeschool is going really well for Drew. Today and yesterday have been extra great. Except for that right now as I type he is trying to take a snooze instead of going over his list of state capitals. I keep saying "Drew...we don't sleep during school!" Sleepily he mumbles "Why do you always think I'm sleeping?" Hmmmm...maybe beacause of his body curled up in a fetal position on the closed, eyes shut and barely responsive when I call his name???? That could be a clue. I added in Geography to his schedule because he told me he was interested in it, so you'd think he'd use the time a little wiser. Apparently he doesn't want free time today...
AMEMENDMENT: I just had him bring me the list and I quizzed him and darned if he doesn't know them !!!!! He just said "I told ya..." and has resumed his position curled up on the couch.
Even so he still has two more subjects to get through today so his nap will be a short one.

So, countdown to Monday!!!!! The boys will be so glad as I've fallen into my usual grumpiness, bordering on insane personality with the kids that usually shows up in the few weeks before I give birth. This morning I unleashed on Brandon for trying to wear a wrinkled shirt to school and then refusing to look for a new one...and then arguing with me about whether or not the new shirt I suggested was in fact clean or dirty (I know it was clean b/c I washed, dried, folded and put away...okay sent upstairs to be put away last night)...then putting on an altoghther different shirt and putting the "status unknown" shirt "somewhere in the loft" i.e...not put away. So that started a heated monolouge of ugliness from my mouth followed by a new torrent of mean momminess towards Manny who just last night (oh around 9:00pm) announced a major project due tomorrow...leaving only today to work on it. I told him we'd get it done but that he'd probably have to stay home from basketball practice to work on it...this is where things fell apart. Emanuel protested that he can't possibly miss practice on "the last chance to practice before the game!" Well it sounds to me like someone should have been more prepared seeing as he's known about the upcomming project since FRIDAY!!! I told him that I didn't think he'd have enough time to get it worked on and finished either before or after practice (practice is at the ever so inconvienent time of 5:15-7:oo this week.) Yes, I'm a mean Mommy but this is the second time Manny has pulled such a stunt (remember the fried rice incident). I'm sure he'll worm his way to practice somehow but it doesn't hurt for him to rethink his carelessness a bit.
Well, I'm going to join Drew on his afternoon siesta. Homeschooling is grand....I'm sure I won't be saying that after dinner when finishing Drew's last two subjects!


Shannon said...

WOW MONDAY?????!!!!!????!??!?!??!

I can't wait - Can I come and visit???

I can't believe it! I'll be calling you..............

The Romero-Schroeder said...

OMG monday is just around the corner

The Rhoderick Family said...

Monday will be a perfect day for the baby to come...too bad I can't be of some help to you. The windows are being installed and I must be present so the landlords don't go around snooping in unforeseen lands!!! :)

I am so glad that homeschooling is going well. :)

* TONYA * said...

OMG I had no idea you were homeschooling Drew now too. Wow honey, you are one busy woman.

We just started homeschooling Jay this week. So far so good, but yes I keep finding him staring off into space or actually wanting to walk the dog or take the babies outside to play as an excuse to get out of schoolwork LOL.

BoufMom9 said...

Oh yes. I completely understand what you are talking about. Somewhere in the back of my head I think things like... in 3 years, where will this one be sleeping. LOL (as I am sure you do too!)

Ok, so now that you ar up to me... time for Russ and I to start looking for number 10... and, nope, not kidding. Shhhh! Don't tell :)

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