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Monday, January 5, 2009

And the day continues to get better

You have got to be KIDDING ME! Animal Control just came by to inform me that someone has complained that we leave our dog outside for too long with no shelter in the cold. Thank goodness that at the time of Animal Cop's arrival, the dog was curled up snugly in Drew's bedroom. I thanked "Animal Cop" for his visit and told him that the dog goes out on a stake in the yard for various reasons: to use the bathroom, to get fresh air, to get the heck out of my way (okay so I didn't include this last reason) but that we bring her right back in usually after about 20 or 30 minutes. This afternoon, we simply forgot she'd been out there a while (as in a few hours) but when we remembered (okay, so she scratched at the window to remind us) we brought her back inside at once.
Hilariously enough when I was pregnant with the twins Brice escaped outside a couple of times and not one visit from anyone regarding a loose one year old. Of course Brice's escapes were during summer when the weather is considerably nicer. Oh this day...


BoufMom9 said...

ok, to quote one of my favorite people in the world (you)...ONLY YOU!
Thanks for the giggles!
Seriously Ang, only you!
(or me. remember when my neighbor called the police on my about my dog????)

* TONYA * said...

oiy, sounds like your neighbors need a good slap upside the head. Seriously, get a life and leave Ang and her puppy alone.

The Eadle Family said...

haha, people are suck tools. Obviously if your dog appeared distressed, there would be a reason, but if your dog was outside for a few hoursa before scratching to get in, then she was fine.

Jen said...

oh that would be my life! animal control acted like pat letting smokey out the back door was a federal offense but if my kids got loose nobody would care.

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