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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Brice Post...for Sharlene & Erin

I have more Brice news...just as Sharlene and Erin were asking over the weekend about more "Brice Tales".
It seems that while I was away in Denver, Brice was up to his old self. Apparently, Saturday was snake feeding day. This means that someone must transfer Sadie the Red Tail Boa, into her feeding container (think large plastic storage bin) which is put into the bathroom and the door is shut. This is done so that Sadie can eat without being disturbed. (she'll throw up her food if disturbed during feeding time). Anyhow, Brice had been asking over and over if he could play with Sadie. Each time he asked, Albert told him "No, Sadie has to eat." So, Albert fed Sadie her dinner and left her in the bathroom (in the feeding bin) to eat in peace.
A few hours later, he went back to transfer Sadie back to her tank. No Sadie. He found the bathroom door open and the feeding bin missing its lid. Where was Sadie? Somewhere loose in the bedroom. Who was responsible? You guessed it....BRICE. Brice had opened the bathroom door, removed the lid to the feeding container and then got scared and ran away, leaving the snake to roam the room. Sadie was later discovered under our bed.
Additionally, last week when there was snow on the ground, our boys had gone out to play. Jackson (a sweet, gentle soul) was happily playing when Brice jumped on his back, knocking him to the ground. Brice sat on Jackson's back, pushing his head down into the snow yelling "Lick the snow Jackson! Lick the snow!"
poor Jackson had started to cry and finally did indeed lick the snow so that Brice would get off of him. As Brice got off of his big brother, he punched him in the chest for good measure, laughing like the little menace he is.
We aren't sure what possesses Brice to do the things he does. We aren't sure what possessed Jackson, who is 3 years older than Brice to allow himself to be treated that way by a pre-schooler. Ahhhh, Brice. Not sure what to do with him...


The Collins Family said...

Thanks Ang!!! That child cracks me up! The snake thing though, that's a little creepy...ok, a lot creeepy! I can NOT imagine thinking there was a snake loose in my house...I think I'm gonna be sick just thinking about it!

Sharlene said...

I love that kid!

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