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Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Valentine's Day Weekend

Wanted to post a quick recap of our Valentine's Day weekend (we're stuck here at clinic ALL DAY LONG and I'm bored).
We had a fabulous Valentines day night. Hilarioulsy enough, we had some degree of difficulty making our children and to some extent, the whole world understand that TODAY IS VALENTINES DAY. I had no wish to do anything that didn't involve the two of us together. My husband obliged and we had a good day. We were supposed to put the kiddos upstairs at 8:00 but apparently it was All Star Weekend in basketball, so I pushed it back to 8:30 so that the kids could watch some of the slam dunk competition on TV. Then it got pushed back to 9:00 and then was still going strong. Finally at 9:45 we said "That's All!" and sent them upstairs telling them we'd pause the tv and they could catch the rest in the morning.

We laid out nice placemats. Read: ones that are NOT made of plastic and contain coloring activities for children. We lit candles, we poured wine. We ate Steak, baked potatoes, ceasar salad, garlic bread and white-chocolate dipped strawberries for desert. We had a fabulous night. When people would call or text we hit ignore, sent them to voicemail or just didn't bother to get it. We figured we'd call everyone back in the morning. We talked about our children, about how far our lives had come in the last few years, and about what we both wanted for the future. Mostly though, we talked about how good the wine tasted and how nice it was to have a GOOD steak without having to share with little people. About midway through dinner, Kambree decided it was time for her gourmet meal of breastmilk and so while I fed her, Albert fed me and himself. We had a lovely night and even made it to our financial planning class ON TIME the next morning!


Sharlene said...

I am so glad you got your special time. You deserve it. Please keep us update on Brandon.

BoufMom9 said...

I am so glad you got to use the dining room table like a "big girl" LOL
So happy for you and Albert. Nothing like breaking out the fancies for a nice dinner :)

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