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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Isaiah update

Now it seems we have too much poo. A week ago, I didn't think this would have been possible, but now my little boy is pooing wayyyy too much. Yesterday we had a diaherrea fiasco in which when I removed the diaper, waves of poop spilled out all over the couch (and in between the couch cushions...all down the crevices....even worse was the fact that this was the couch my Mom was using as her "bed" during her stay...oops). My darling husband tried to pretend not to hear me when I asked him for help. Yes, I know we have a vomit/diaherrea contract in our house (I clean poo & he cleans puke) but still, this was a poo worthy of a two man cleanup. When he fianlly made his way over to the couch to help me, he claimed that I had PURPOSELY caused the spillage so as to make him help! WTH???
Isaiah and his incessant pooping has become quite a downer. Every time I see that kid walk by, he needs a change. This morning, he threw up in his bed. True to our agreement, Albert handled that. But least any of you should think that I got off easy...remember I've changed about a dozen of Isaiah's nasty poopy diapers since his disimpaction "proceedure". Thus, I've done my share.

I'm actually really glad we hadn't started potty training Isaiah in light of all these issues. The doctors at both hospitals told us that when little kids go through bad constipation issues during potty training, and discover that it is uncomfortable to "go" they actually are able to train their bodies to ignore the feelings that clue us all in on the fact that we need to make our way to the nearest restroom. Thus, those kids as they get older will need to go to the bathroom but are able to make themselves ignore the feeling and can hold it in for a very, very long while. Of course this makes it worse for them when they fianlly do go and the process continues. I don't think Isaiah is in that place, as he actually still was trying really hard to get it out. I think we'll definately hold off on the potty training until we get this stuff all settled and regular.

I'm holding off on the Miralax for a day or so to see if he can get back into a normal pattern and then I'll probably give it to him once a day until we get to the gastroenterologist to see what might be causing this.
In other Isaiah news, he completed his speech reevaluation testing and his therapist, Amanda was glad to report that she defianately saw vast improvement from when he was first tested six months ago. Yea! She said she of course isn't a doctor, but that she doesn't feel he exhibits any signs of autusm but that rather she feels he has some sensory issues and that we should look into occupational therapy. After working in a special ed preschool for a couple years, I must admitt I wasn't a huge fan of some of the occupational therapy things, just as I wasn't a fan of the whole sign language remedy for Isaiah's speech issues that the therapist first proposed (my feelings are that he hears just fine, he has a mouth, he can talk...thus he should talk...not get by with signing) but I'm willing to hear what they have to say.
Glad to know that he is improving. I think she determined that his vocabulary was up to around 30 words which is a big improvement over the 2 or 3 that he initially had. Still not good at all considering his age, but for him it's a start. Hilariously enough, he's my best behaved little one. He may not talk but he is the one that will do anything I ask him to do. And he's becomming more willing to engage in activities with his sisters and brothers rather than just ignoring them. I guess slow progress is still progress.


Sharlene said...

Go Isaiah! way to start talking. But slow down on the poop!

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