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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Birthday's, The Stomach flu, Breastfeeding drama, and Impacted Poo!

Just after I had said that the girls had thier diaherrea/throw up combo due to too much popcorn and gummy bears, the next day one after another, kids starting getting sick with what was apparently the 24 hour stomach bug going around. Drew was the next victim, though his was pretty short-lived.
Sunday was Albert and Brice's birthday and we celebrated throughout the day. It was a fabulous day. Brice was so excited and so grateful for each thing that we did for him. It was precious. Emanuel was sick and feeling miserable but came with us anyhow. We took Daddy shopping for some new clothes, then all went out to Schiappa's for lunch. After lunch we went to the evening service of church and while there, Isaiah got the nursery. I had been in the nursing room feeding Bree and they called me away. What a gross sight that was. We came home and did presents and cake. Poor Isaiah and Emanuel didn't even want to look at cake. Their bug lasted longer than the other chidren's for whatever reason. By Monday, Brandon had fallen victim as well. So had Albert.
After we dealt with the stomah bug we had another issue on our hands...Isaiah's inability to go poo. Now, this has actually gone on for months but just seems to keep getting worse and worse. By yesterday, I knew he needed to be checked out. There was a huge mass of something in his belly that you could feel throug the skin. I was pretty sure it was indeed the impacted poo but can you be certain without having him seen? No.
I took him into the pediatrician's office and she also wasn't certain. So then I began to get a bit fearful. I was hoping she'd say "Ahh, this is definately the poo that you are feeling." (sounds so weird huh?) Instead, she said it could be just the poo, could be something more serious. She sent us over to the ER for Xrays. Isaiah was of course, miserable, as he'd been for the last few days. He has been going around just holding his belly whinning. This has gone and on for weeks.
We got to the ER and waited. Bree needed to eat and while I was feeding her, someone (I think the security guard but not sure) came up behind me, leaned down into my ear and says, "Go ahead and cover up with the baby." Excuse me? I WAS covered up. Well, the cover had slipped down a little due to her squirmming and getting overly hot under the blanket (which was really my trench coat doubling as a blanket). I wasn't so angered by what he said (although I'm totally within my rights to nurse in public covered or not) but by the fact that he came up behind me and leaned down into my personal space, essentially taking in an eyeful on purpose. That's another story though...anyhow back to Isaiah...
We got the Xray and waited. By now Albert had arrived and was trying to keep my calm as I was becomming incresingly afraid that whatever the "mass" in Isaiah's belly was could be more than poo. I know, I know, but you have to remember we spend lots of time at a pediatric cancer center and have seen wayyyy too much. Plus all sorts of other options kept running through my head...bowel obstruction, name it, I thought it up...I'm a Mom, I guess that's my job.
A man from registration came down to get our insurance info and Albert complained to him about the rude somebody who made the inappropraite breastfeeding comment. Turns out, that Registration Man's Mom is a lactation consultant and he is a bit of a breastfeeding advocate himself. He passes our complaint on and a short while later the Director of Nursing comes by to hear the story and to apologize. Gosh, we didn't mean to start an issue, we just thought that maybe a reminder could be issued about the fact that breastfeeding in in fact, natural, necessary, normal and not exposing one's self in public. Though I had been trying to be as discreet as possible, I don't eat my meals with my head completely covered by a blanket, so I can't blame my daughter for not wanting to do so either. We were afterall, in a Children's hospital and were wating for our name to be called so there really wasn't anywhere else to go.
Finally after what seemed like ages, the doctor (read: med student since we were at a teaching hospital) came in and told us the verdict. The mass was indeed...POO. We were so releived. No bowel obstruction, or anything else that shouldn't be there. They gave poor Isaiah an enema. He was able to go some. Not a lot but a start....We brought him home and put him to bed. We'll see today if he's able to go more. Poor kid.
Today should be uneventful. When Albert gets home, we'll get Isaiah's Miralax and start that. Also, I'm going to Target to get a "Hooter-Hider"


The Corradetti Clan said...

Wow Angine you are amazing. I dont know how you handle everything all at once. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Miss you

Terri said...

A hooter hider! You crack me up!

I hope everyone is feeling much better soon.

The Eadle Family said...

I would have been upset as well. That security guard had no right. People are so ignorant when it comes to things like that. So I can watch you stuff your face with whatever you want, but you can't handle the little bit of breast you see while my kid eats. Ugh!

Glad it was just poop, and believe me, I have been there. Chloe has the same issues! Hope he feels better soon!

Sharlene said...

Poor kid with poop trapped in his belly. I feel impacted just thinking about it.

BoufMom9 said...

Now if only you had had the hooter hider in Colorado! hahaha I think i sawyour hooters at least 15,000 times! LOL kidding. You know i love you and your hooters ;)

PS So glad and relieved that it was just poo. I hope that the poor guy was able to finally go today.

Christy said...

Wow it is sure busy at your house! We had similiar bowel problems that plagued Cadie recently too. Poor kids! You have to feel so bad for them!

Glad the vomiting was only a 24hr thing going around!

I would have been upset by the guy who told you to cover up as well... couldn't he see you had your hands full? How rude! Cracks me up how we can see bulletin boards of half naked women.. but let a lady breastfed in public and it becomes an issue!

LMAO at the hooter-hider! Is that the actual name of it?? LOL
you have to post a picture! I didn't even know they had such a thing!

The Collins Family said...

Wow, this is a post full of info! Happy Birthday, hoping for poo, and a big fat :P to the rude anti-breast feeder!

Rita said...

Hi Angela- I am a friend of Ora's and have been following your blog a little bit. You are so witty! Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your writing and that I know the gal who created/owns Hooter Hiders, aka Bebe au Lait cause she thought it was more PC. Let me know if you really want one and I'll see if I can hook you up:)- Rita

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