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Monday, March 16, 2009

Update on Isaiah

Poo has ruled our lives for the last several days. After taking Isaiah to the ER at Cardinal Glennon's on Wednesday, the ER doc had told us that we had until Friday for him to "go" again before we needed to return to the pediatrician. The amount he had "gone" after his enema at the ER was a start but not enough. So we waited...waited....waited. Nothing. On Friday we called our ped. office and they said we could wait until Saturday morning. Still nothing. So Saturday, my Mom (who is visiting) and I took him to the office to see the nurse practictioner. She examined him and said that yes, his belly was distended but it was still soft and instructed us to up his Miralax to twice per day, try dried apricots, and bring him back Monday if he still hadn't gone and they would do a repeat X-ray.
Friday night, Isaiah began to feel badly again, whining and holding his belly. Finally, he felt so ill he started to attempt to throw up. Albert practically demanded then that we take him in to St. John's ER (We always end up back at St. John's).


Christy said...

Poor Isaiah!
Did he ever end up going or do you have to go back to the doctor today?

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