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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

We are down to only a few more days before our families arrive for Memorial Day!!! Yay!A week from today, Drew gets baptized! I am so proud of him. My very first baby is getting baptized....
Kambree is getting blessed on the same day. It's going to be very busy, and very special.
All this family coming in means one time. This is obviously NOT my favorite part as I am a fairly messy person by nature (although I get a little more organized with each baby that is added to our family). I would pay to have Kate Gosselin's sense of organization, but sadly, I totally lack in that department. So, this weekend, I am cleaning out my bedroom, going through closets to pack things up and take to Goodwill (or some similar Goodwill type dropbox). We've all been very busy. Already, we have potted flowers, hung baskets of ivy, cleaned out our garage, I even painted an empty terra-cotta flower pot for the "smokers" to use so that my yard doesn't get covered in cigarette butts. Gross. Inside the house, we've hung paintings, hung pictures (that we've meant to hang forever), done TONS of laundry, re-arranged the china cabinet, all sorts of stuff. And we aren't even close to done. On Tuesday, the carpet cleaners will be here...that should be fun. Here are some pics of the infamous "garage clean out day". We kept the babies outside with us so they could play while we cleaned...okay..while Albert and the kids cleaned and I sat on the bench and "directed" the operation....But least you all think I got off easy...Albert is working at the Cardinal's baseball games ALL WEEK leaving ME with every single kid to clean lots of messy mess...the result will be totally worth it and we haven't had a big spring clean like this in...well, I don't know that we ever have...


BoufMom9 said...

OH.MY.GOSH! Is that last picture Isaiah!?! He looks like a BIG BOY!!!! WOW!!!

Good luck cleaning the whole house! YIKES!
(when you need a "time-out", call me)

Natalie said...

What cuties ! yeah I'm no good with organizing, it sounds great and I get all the things I need to be more orgnaized and then return it for a cute pair of maternity shorts, I know but I think I'll use the shorts befor ethe storage bins ;D
it's the thought that counts really right??

Nana said...

My daughter,
You really are amazing! I can't imagine doing all this cleaning and finding the time to be out shopping - I called today and you WEREN'T home.

Love you so much!!!

The Rhoderick Family said...

Enjoy your nice clean home. It will be totally worth it and you will LOVE it. :) Mine never stays clean very long, but when I have it all tidy there is nothing like it. :) I have your bounce house and plan to bring it over soon. Are you around today?

albert & angela fontenot said...

I'll have you know that when you called, I was at the Dollar General store buying A MAGIC ERASER!!!!!

Susanne Lekkerimäki said...

Thank you for visiting my blog 😊 You have so beautiful children. Have a nice week!

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