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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

school days, tractor rides and football season

The school year is underway and so far, so good. Homework gets a little hairy because of football practice a couple of nights per week but other than that we are doing okay.
I have made a resolution to stay organized this year and have started folders labeled with each child's name so that all 49877 handouts and forms that come home on the first week of school can be properly maintained and not lost. Seriously, the school district has made approximately 2 dozen copies of children's birth certificates for me as I am always loosing our originals. Okay, so this is an exaggeration, but not by much! As we speak they are running off yet another copy of Emanuel's birth cert so we can turn it in for football (darn CA for making it so tought to order a new one via the internet!)
We are looking forward to a restful, relaxing weekend. I think we might take the kids to the local orchard and go on a tractor ride.
Last weekend, Albert was gone to Chicago for most of it, helping his sister move back here. As soon as he got home, we took got the kids take out lunch, then dropped them off at home so we could sneak out for a tractor ride together at the orchard. It was so nice.....after being apart the previous night, it felt good to lie in the sun together and ride over all the bumps and lumps of the orchard. I can just hear that gravel creaking now...can't wait for the weekend. We might even pick some blueberries....or blackberries..whichever they have..


The Rhoderick Family said...

a tractor ride sounds heavenly! It is getting to be that type of weather again! I love the Fall. Enjoy your family time!!!

Alisha said...

A tractor ride sounds awesome.

I hear you on the school forms. I think I lost half of them before I ever brought them home to my mom. When I got older, I filled it out myself, and she signed them. haha

Anonymous said...

And you should see the looks you get when you show people up here the CA birth certificates...they don't think they're real!
Hope the organization thing works for you!

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