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Friday, August 28, 2009

low again!!!!

Yesterday, I took Drew to the lab for his weekly blood draw. This is the new policy we've implemented to make sure he stays healthy enough for football. He was just treated last week, so I wasn't expecting any problems at all.
Well, we had barely been home a half hour and the phone rang. It was Dr. Rob's office... Drew is low on platelets again! He was 49,000 which is just a fraction under the bar for what he needs to play football (or do much else other than run or walk). I'll take him to the lab again on Monday and Dr. Rob said to plan on treatment for Tuesday. What the heck??? This is horrible. Drew is so disappointed. He can work out and run with the team but until Tuesday he can't tackle or practice in pads. Bummer.
I hope this isn't going to be the norm for him. We have friends who only go 12 days or so between treatments and that stinks. I can't even describe the interruption to life if Drew has to spend one day out of every 12 or 14 at clinic all day long from morning till evening. All the missed school, not to mention sports, or just plain fun. When he's low on platelets it also means no bike riding, rip sticks, scooters, skate boards ect. You get the picture.
I'm going to halt my complaining here because I am eternally grateful that this disease is easily treatable and while it is a colossal pain in the ass, I have the assurance and peace of knowing that each time I take my son for treatment, I will be bringing him home again. This is a disease of severe inconvenience but not usually severe danger, as long as it is treated properly. Yes, low platelets are a dangerous condition and I don't mean to imply that its no big deal. What I mean is that if you get treated in a timely fashion, there should be no problems (obviously unexpected incidents such as a car accident while your platelets are low, are another story). As diseases prevalent at the hem/oncology clinic go, if you have to have one...this is the one to have.
Wednesday, he has a game so hopefully he'll be treated and ready to go by then!
This weekend, Manny, Brandon and Jackson all have scrimmages in Belleville. We are super excited to see them and very excited that the times and scheduling match up so that we'll both be able to be there to watch each of them rather than splitting up with the "you take Jackson, I'll take Brandon" approach that I'm sure will be necessary when the regular season gets under way!
Hopefully we'll have pictures soon. Have a great weekend everyone!


BoufMom9 said...

Damn. I am so sorry. That sucks for Drew (and you)
I really hope & will be praying that it doesn't end up being his norm.

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