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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

moving in the right direction...

Yesterday we had Drew's labs drawn again. I was prepared for low counts and for the reality that we'd spend today, with every single baby in tow, at clinic. For seven long hours. However, happily the counts came back slightly elevated at 54,000. This puts him just above the line so that he can play football! I'm not super comfortable with all that contact at just 4,000 platelets over the threshold of allowability, but if Dr.Rob is going for it, I won't dissent. I talked to Dr. Rob yesterday and we agreed that I'll take Drew back on Thursday after school and check him twice a week now, while he's borderline.
Dr. Rob said he thinks Drew just didn't have a great response this time to the IVIG. If this is going to be his new normal, he suggested that instead of having Drew treated at clinic, we bring him in after school and admit him to the hospital as an in-patient. That way, treatment can run overnight and then he can be released first thing in the morning and get straight to school. He may be a little tardy that way, but at least he won't miss out on a whole school day each time he needs treated. I really appreciated the fact that someone understood that with Drew's grades and struggles in school, missing multiple days could be disastrous for him.
Hoping the platelets continue to climb, climb, climb.
Additionally, Brandon's port removal is again getting rescheduled. But this time by choice! He doesn't want to miss out on any football games, and if the port comes out this Thursday, he'd likely need to to sit out the weekend's activities due to stiches. We were thinking that why not schedule it for that nice long break you get over Christmas vacation? Only a few months away, and it would mean that Albert, since he's a teacher, wouldn't have to take time off from work. Brandon's sports season would be over and he wouldn't need to miss any school. Dr. Rob okayed the plan so we are pushing it back. Three more months won't matter in the long run. Gotta run, boys need to get on the big, yellow bus to school for the day. I'd love to sink back into bed under the covers, but alas, Isaiah is already awake in his room and I think I've heard conversation between Alexandria and Sydney in the girls' room...


Alisha said...

YAY! That is great that the platelets are climbing!

Anonymous said...

From what I've seen on other sites if there's problems with the IVIG and they have it go slower, it does help so the overnight thing just might do the trick. Hope it works better next time!

Perezosita said...

good news angela! sending you all love- cousin ALI

Terri said...

Glad he is getting to play football!

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