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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back to Clinic with Brandon tomorrow

So we'd been cleared to stay away from clinic for six months, but alas Brandon is on day 5 of a very high fever and spinal pain so tomorrow we go back for a checkup with Dr. Rob. Not sure what the deal is with the pain in his spine. He's never had that before- probably no big deal and just some muscle pain, perhaps the result of a rough tackle in football, or maybe he slept wrong during the last several nights curled up at the foot of our bed. Either way, we'll get it looked at tomorrow. Hopefully he'll be on his way to feeling great again soon, all this school he's missing is not helping his already less than impressive grades.
I'll update when I can.
In other fabulous news, Brandon will be turning ten in just a few days! His birthday is always one of the highlights of my year. I love it. He's the happiest kid in the world on his birthday- he's an attention hog and just baskes in the radiance of his day. It's hilarious to watch. Hoping he feels better soon so he can get back to planning!


Anonymous said...

Hope you get good news and that he's feeling great by his birthday!
Know that I'm here praying!
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