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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Please pray for Nana

My mom is in the hospital. I don't have all the details just now. I know she was having heart pain last night and went into the emergency room. This alone is troubling to me, because my mother does NOT easily go to the hospital or a doctor's office. She is among the millions of uninsured and thus doesn't seek medical care unless she really feels its emergent. Anyhow, at the hospital they discovered she has gallstones, either as the cause of, or in addition to whatever is going on with her heart. They wanted to admit her to the chest pain center and do a stress test in the morning, but due to her lack of insurance they agreed to just keep her overnight in the emergency room until her stress test could be done in the morning. Though this sounds uncomfortable, and I'm sure it was, it is actually a good thing. This means she'll only be charged the ER visit and stress test, and can avoid the bill for admission. I am hoping she isn't stressing herself out over the bill, because I don't want her heart to be affected.
Hoping to get the results of the stress test soon. Not sure what is going to happen with the gallstone issues. I don't know how minor/serious they were, or what they were/were not planning to do about them. I'll keep everyone updated when I know more. I did hear from my sister that Nana is very cranky. Go figure...
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