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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Clearance makes my heart sing!

I knew that eventually, I would discover a reason I'm glad that I let my children talk me into finding out the baby's gender early. And today...was that moment. My moment came in the form of a clearance K-Mart. A major clearance sale. Prices had already been marked way down....and now...drum roll please.....40% off the LOWEST ticketed price! This translated into lots of things for the girls for the rest of this season and next, and some new baby girl things. We also found a few things for Isaiah as well as some things to put away for Jackson's birthday (which is fast approaching). We had actually gone to K-Mart to purchase some cleaning supplies and look for a new dog leash. Hilariously, we completely forgot both of these things once we spied the huge sale....who thinks about cleaning in light of a clearance sale!?!?!?!
Target also had a really sweet clearance section, and yes, we did stop there too, but not anywhere as large as K-mart. At Target, I found three matching shirts for Alexandria, Sydney and Kambree for $1.79 each and a three piece outfit for the new baby (okay so that was NOT clearance...but at only $8 I couldn't was so stinkin cute in all of its pink polka dotted loveliness!) Albert found....a video game that was most certainly NOT clearance. Guess where he has been for the whole rest of the evening????? Yup, trying out his new game! He has budged only to:
1) change Isaiah's diaper
2) help me pull pizza from the oven and fix baby/toddler plates
3) stick his foot out on the ottoman and ask me to clip his nails after he cut one too short
4) return the favor by giving me a foot massage and offering to clip my nails (the massage I accepted eagerly...the clipping assistance, I declined, after he had already clipped his own toe wayyyy too short! Yikes).
5) assemble a Christmas toy that Jackson is just now asking to play with. It's a really neat one that shoots out arrows- Jackson and Brice will be entertained for the rest of the night!

Tomorrow morning we are off to see the midwife. Brandon seems very inquisitive of what goes on at the midwife's office, so I asked him if he would like to come and hear the baby's heartbeat. He sort of looked at me weird and said he didn't know.


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