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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Jackson!

So today isn't his actual birthday, but it was his birthday party. He invited kids from his class as well as a few neighborhood friends. All I can say is that boys really wear me out! I made sure I planned activities and games and it was still a rowdy bunch! They had a great time for the most part, but boy it seemed like a lot of work! The first game we had planned was a relay race involving two teams each racing with a hard boiled egg on a spoon. The kids took one look at that game and more than a couple announced that it was lame and that they didn't want to play!
On the other hand, they loved the pinata! I think all kids love pinatas! No one was very interested in the art game I had planned and so after cake and presents (and still 30 minutes left until pick up) Albert proposed a game of P-I-G outside at the basketball hoop. Many of the boys said they'd rather play football instead. We took a vote. Football won hands down! I expressed the rule that it must be two hand touch- not tackle! Albert mentioned that he didn't want anyone getting muddy. Um, yeah, not so much. Several kids ended up with muddy knees, and a couple kids didn't seem to understand the concept of two hand touch. Two kids collided into each other giving one a split lip and the other a bruised forehead. That one wasn't any one's fault though- they were both following the rules, it just so happened that they were both going up for the ball at the same time and crashed into each other.
All together it was a great party- and a few of the neighborhood kids even stayed on past the end, but it was a relief when most of the kids got picked up. I would of course post pics for you but my hubby is too worn out to upload them I'll have to wait a couple days. Jackson had a fabulous time and was really happy. Plus he got tons of cool stuff.
Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day tomorrow!


Nana said...

Happy Birthday partyday Jackson! I can't wait to see you in 6 days!!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Glad the party went well! I'll never understand pinata's, though...letting blindfolded kids lose with a baseball bat...yeah...that sounds about right!
The Lord is there with you, whatever you have to face! Praying!
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