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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Eat The Snow!

Why do boys play so rough? These photos, taken a few weeks ago, depict a typical game at our house whenever it snows. It's called "Eat the Snow!" and the object is to tackle your opponent and make them, literally, eat the snow. The boys (and Daddy) in our house seem to love this game and it seems that whoever causes their victim to indeed "eat the snow" enjoys a boost of pride, accomplishment and a sense of satisfaction.
The game was actually started by Brice who tackled Jackson about a year ago by jumping on his back and making him - you guessed it- "eat the snow". Poor Jackson didn't find the "game" nearly as amusing as Brice. How Brice accomplished this feat we don't know, considering Brice is three years younger! Personality differences account for a lot.
Anyhow, the only boy who won't play is Drew. Drew goes to great lengths to avoid being out in the snow around someone who might "want to play." If we're going somewhere, and have to load up in the big van, Drew makes sure he is holding a small baby at all times. Otherwise, he'll dart out to the car and jump in, in a flash so no one has time to "capture him." Daddy however, was not deterred. He actually brought handfuls of snow INSIDE THE HOUSE where he tracked Drew down as his next victim.
Emanuel also tries to avoid capture will actually hide out on the side of the house until he can jump quickly in the van. He also uses this approach to "prey" on his Dad or a sibling. He hides on the side of the house, until his unsuspecting victim comes outside and then he pounces.
But on this particular day, it looks like Daddy got Emanuel. Manny won't be happy when he sees I've posted this but oh well. I felt very badly for him, but not bad enough to prevent me from grabbing the camera and snapping these pics. Of course, I don't have to worry. I, being "Mommy" and the ultimate Queen Bee of the house, am immune, exempt and otherwise protected from ever being forced to "Eat the Snow!" And its a protection my girls enjoy as well (can you imagine?).
Here are the pics of Emanuel eating the snow. I'm sure he'll love seeing this posted to our blog. And I know his brothers will....


Anonymous said...

Never thrilled with games like that...
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