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Friday, April 16, 2010

Update on Brandon...

We heard back from the pediatrician yesterday and it looks like everything is pretty much okay. His 24 hour urine test came back pretty good, his kidney ultrasound is clear. They did note that his left kidney is a bit larger than his right but since both of them look healthy and seem to have healthy function, they are not worried at this point. His blood work came back basically good with the exception of a couple of immunology functions that were high. The renal specialist said that at this point he's not too worried though, as these findings are not uncommon and could indicate a wide variety of things. So the plan is that in 2 weeks we take him back to his pediatrician for another urine test/culture. And then depending on what they find, we may have an appointment with the nephrologist.
I can't even describe how relieved we are that there is nothing more serious going on. Kidney issues down the road have been a big fear that we've had since he started that cyclosporine 5 years ago. And even though he's been off of it for quite some time, the threat of possible damage still makes us worry. It looks like everything is fine though and so we are breathing a big sigh of relief and focusing on the new baby who might arrive today or tomorrow! We'll keep you posted!


Momcat said...

Have a fantastic weekend as you get to meet your new daughter.

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