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Monday, August 16, 2010


Oh my freaking day! We have almost ALL of our kiddos sick, or recovering from being sick yesterday! Yikes!
Yesterday, Drew, Manny, and Brice were the victims. Today, it's Alexandria, Brandon, Sydney, Bree and now perhaps maybe Mia...judging from the absolutely righteous smell rising up from her diaper each time she passes gas! Oh, and the sounds I'm hearing as I type. Bet me, I'm going to need to wash the cover to her bouncy seat momentarily... Speaking of Mia, someone is four months old today! I'll be getting my camera ready...if I can make it through this evening!
So, the morning began with a bang when Alexandria came down stairs with vomit plastered to her hair and the side of her face. Gross. Immediate bath. Sydney had diarrhea and apparently ONLY had time to make it to the downstairs toilet- which would normally be great, except said toilet is currently broken and doesn't flush.
I have spent the day caring for sick kids, washing sheets, towels and other random bits, such as the clothes Bree peed on when she removed her diaper this morning before I got her up for the day. And now Drew tells me that he needs a book cover. By tomorrow.
I am tired, and starving, and really hoping I'm not next in line for the tummy bug. With the business of the morning I didn't get breakfast, unless you count that shot of Smore's flavored magic shell I squirted in my mouth when I opened the fridge. Thankfully there is no football practice tonight.
Why do teenagers do the things they do? For instance, why is Emanuel so engrossed in his game of Modern Warfare II that he is making his sandwich in increments. As in, between each game, he dashes to the kitchen and "works on" his sandwich. Between games, he got out the bread then darted back to the couch. Following the next game, he ran back to the kitchen and added ham...and so forth. His sandwich was almost ready...but then Brice threw open the back door, the dog ran in, nosed around the counters and ate the almost-made sandwich off the island counter top. Manny has to start over. I'd be tempted to snicker, but I'm too annoyed at the wastage of food and at Manny's obsession with the game. But I am glad he's feeling better. Hopefully the night will improve over today!


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