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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random Reflections

It's tough to believe it's already November. Wow. That was a fast year. Maybe because I spent the first part of it pregnant and much of the middle months tending a new baby...a new baby who is finally sleeping for decent stretches of time at night. It sort of feels like I've just popped my head above the water...and somehow lost a whole year! Of course, the year isn't really lost- I have lots of great stories and documented evidence (thanks to blogging) of all the fun things we did as well as the good and not so good times we have had so far.
I went to Walmart yesterday and bought my favorite wintry purchase....bags of Cinnamon pine cones. I love, love, love the smell of them. I know some folks think they are too strongly scented, but not me. The people who feel that way must not have six little boys sharing a bathroom. There is no yummy scent in the world too strong for my house. In fact, industrial scented pine cones may be needed to cover the smells of socks, boys' bathrooms, and football gear.
I also bought Christmas wrapping paper and the first couple of little presents. Yes, I'm dreadfully behind this year. I'll need to shop like mad to catch up. Except, I've told the kids we are scaling back a bit this season. And scaling back we are.

Tomorrow night is Brandon's sleepover. Oh joy. God, I hope I won't be up all night long. Maybe I can negotiate with my husband to take over that duty. I think tonight, we'll move out the dining room table and chairs to make room for the Foosball and air hockey tables. In fact, we've been considering for some time now, doing this permanently. I mean, seriously, how often do we really use our formal dining room. Okay, okay, I use it every single a place to stack bills, paperwork, my diaper bag and to hold clean clothing before it gets (eventually) carried up to the family clothes closet room. I think the Fly Lady calls this a "hot spot". So maybe the space would be better used as an entertainment space for the kids. They won't be young day I'll have back my formal dining room. Minus the loads of laundry.

The last week of football...the for real last week of football (playoffs) for the boys is this weekend. I'm excited, a little sad and a lot relieved all at once. I'm hoping that none of their coaches come up with the brilliant idea to play "pilgrim bowls" on Thanksgiving weekend. Let's just let the season end at playoffs. Football banquets are upcoming in the next couple weeks as well. All in all, I'll miss it, but will be happy for the end of the season. Next up, the remainder of Manny's basketball season and Brice will be playing (along with his cousin Josiah) with the church's basketball organization. I'm looking forward to seeing Brice play his first organized sport.

We went to church last night for adult bible study and the kids' Awana. Brice ran into Sydney's classroom and announced loudly that he had "farted." I really detest that word. Emanuel reported the deed back to me and I reported it to Albert. We then had a little talk with Brice regarding the use of appropriate versus inappropriate language. I swear, we have this same conversation at least three times a week at our house. Brice didn't seem phased and didn't really appear to be concerned, or even to completely grasp what he had done wrong. He just sort of smiled and said "yes" to whatever we told him.

Drew came home last Sunday (Halloween) from his church road trip. He had a blast. I sent him with $20 (the suggested amount by the trip leader) to cover his three fast food stops. He still ended up needing to borrow six bucks from the trip leader because he ran out of money....because he bought a huge plastic bucket of cheese curlz at Walmart for $8.99. Clearly, some money managing lessons are needed.


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