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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Random Reflections

It's been a full weekend around here. Albert and I went to see the Rodeo in town on Friday night and then followed that up with a trip to the movies, and then Albert took Brice on Saturday night. Jackson went to the batting cages on Saturday afternoon for a friend's birthday party and the oldest two kids went to see a movie. The same movie Albert and I went to see following the rodeo on Friday.
I had never been to a rodeo before and I was quite impressed. There was a woman who sat next to us, who explained that she was from Texas and assured us that this rodeo was no where near on par with what they had in her home state. But for me, since it was my first and I had nothing to compare it to, it was impressive enough. As an added bonus, I ran into Jamie, who used to be the school nurse at the elementary school but now works as a nurse practitioner in a pediatric office. We miss her a lot. She's awesome.
Today we just sort of laid low around the house mostly. The older kids took Jackson and Brice to the pool and Albert and I went for a drive with the little kids. My miscarriage is beginning and seems to have started on Thursday evening and we are now just waiting for it to pick up and actually happen. We are still hopeful that it can complete itself at home and we can avoid anything like the D&C or methotrexate shot we'd hoped to do without.
Brandon is at the beach in Charleston with my sisters and their families. He's having a blast but is starting to get a bit homesick. He calls about three times a day to talk to everyone here. the kids miss him quite a bit too. But we have to wait our the four weeks since the little kids had their chicken pox vaccines before we can have the kids around him. So looks like he's going to stay put at least thorough the end of the month.
Albert's team lost the NBA Championship tonight. He is a Miami Heat fan and he's more than a little aggrevated that they just lost to Dallas, espicially since our good friend Will is over, teasing him mercilessly about it. And because he just lost a fifty dollar bet with our brother-in-law Justin!
And for the best news of all---Mia started walking today. Full fledged, really, truly walking! It started with a couple of steps in the living room and by the end of the evening, it was all the way across the room, from one end to the other. It's so cute to watch her wobble and waddle! She's precious!
This coming week we have no plans, as we're just waiting to see how I will feel and what will happen. I know I still need to post pictures of many things..and I will get on that soon. I'm finishing up this quarter of school for myself this week and then I'll have a break in which I'll have more time to upload and post pictures.


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