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Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Valentine's Day (hilarious story)

So yesterday was V-day and we had such huge plans to celebrate. The plan went something like this: we would get homework done with the kids early, make sure they they showered early and had their clothes laid out for school early...we'd excuse them from all thier chores (it's a holiday for them too afterall) and get them upstairs to bed early. The older ones could stay up in their rooms and play a game or read if they wanted but the babies were definately going to bed at 7:00.) We were then going to have a romantic candle light dinner and then head upstairs for, well you can guess.
The reality was a bit different. It went like this: Albert got home late. I ran errands and got home late. House was trashed. Brandon had too much homework and didn't understand how to do it. Babies were cranky. Didn't have half the ingredients for dinner and had to run to the grocery store. Got home and realized I was out of formula so had to run to the store again. Got home and realized I didn't have ice to make frozen just scrapped that off the list. Kids still yelling for "tuck ins" and prayers while I was cooking dinner for us. Brice likes his prayers in a specific order so often we have to stop and re-start. Lit candles for our candlelight dinner but realized we were both too tired so we ate our romantic dinner in bed, illuminated by the glow of Albert's snakes cage and its heating lamp. Laid in bed debating whether or not we had energy for "romantic time" and decided we only had energy for sleep! Ahhh, the joy of kids!
This was the first night Sydney has slept completely through the night! Yes! Unfortunately, Brice woke me up at 3:30 this morning trying to get in our bed...and I haven't been able to go back to sleep. No!
All in all it was a good day yesterday and listen to this story...when I woke up yesterday morning (at 4:30 a.m...thanks Sydney) to make a bottle, I found tulips and candy waiting for me on the kitchen table. So sweet. I love my husband. I knew he'd been wanting a rack to hang his weights on for weight-lifiting (why does that seem misspelled to me??) So when the boys got home from school, I grabbed some of the little ones and headed out to get it at Target. It's only $20 and he never buys anything for himself. After that I ran by the mall because Fredricks of Hollywood has some really nice massage oils that smell so good. We had been planning to pick some up but kept forgetting. So, I thought I'd grab them as a surprise. We head into the mall and make our way towards the store, when who do I see- ALBERT! We both did a double-take and laughed. I told him I wanted to get the lotion and he said "oh we don't really need that do we?" I grabbed him and pulled him into the store so I could at least look at them (seriously I love a back rub more than anything else in life, and that lotion smells wonderful). When we got there, I saw the lotion on the counter. I said to Albert "That's the one!" The clerk then scooped them all up and said "Oh, these ones are damaged." Okay then. So we left and when we got outside Albert started laughing. Seriously, behind his back was a bag from Fredricks. He had already been there and bought the darn lotion. That's why he was at the mall. So funny. We've been married too long. I teased him that I hoped he wasn't there shopping for his girlfriend, but if we was, looks like I got her present! Yea me! haha
We had a big laugh and then looked at a couple things in Sears and headed home again.
In the parking lot as Albert was walking me to my car, he complained that it was freezing and I never wear a coat. I was infact, not only NOT wearing a coat, but was clad in short sleeves. I swear it was warmer when I left the house. Albert gave me his coat and mumbled something to the effect of why after 12 years, I can' t learn to wear a jacket in the winter. Then, he shivered his way back to his car, hilariously enough, parked just feet from mine (how did I miss that?)
So, that was our Valentines Day...looking forward to my back rub tonight....and maybe the mudslide too???


The Romero-Schroeder said...

What a hectic day, but what a cute story about the oils, you too make a perfect match

Terri O'Laughlin said...

too funny that you both had the same idea!! That's love!! (now puking!lol)

Randy, Tonya, Jayden, Marisol & Flynn said...

Seriously I know it's wrong of me to giggle at the video of the kids going nuts ... and mummy about to go nuts but honey there should be no show called Jon & Kate, it should definitely be called Ang & Al, I think it would be a hit. I seriously think you should pitch the idea and include the little videos and your Valentine's Day story. So funny that he bought the oils and you were parked near each other and at the mall at the same time and didn't realise ... now that's love. So the girl at the check-out was obviously having you on about the oils being damaged knowing the Albert had already bought them, right?!

BoufMom9 said...

Thanks for always making me giggle!

Jenn H said...

Hope tonight the backrub and mudslides happen ;) Thanks for the laugh!!

Lynn said...

So were the videos taken when there was candle light? I couldn't see anything! But oh my...could definitely hear everything! My computer has a mute button...why don't kids come with them, huh?
Hope you got your back rub and mudslide tonight!

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