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Friday, March 28, 2008

sleepless nights, after school detention and puppy house training

Alright, for the past several nights, Sydney has not been sleeping as soundly as she had been previously. She is in the habit of waking now around 1:00 or 2:00 and then again at around 5:00. This is absolutely unacceptable and yet I can't quite bring myself to let her cry. She still seems so young (she's only 4 months old) So, I guess for a few more weeks at least, I'll have to suck it up and lumber out of bed with her. Even though I know she's quite capable of sleeping through. One thing we haven't tried yet is starting solids to see if it will help (though it never, ever has with any of our other babies). She is old enough to start cereal and we got the green light at the last check-up. I think today we'll give that a try. I'll wait for Albert to be home so that one of us can record it while the other does the feeding. Maybe if we do a little bit of cereal at bedtime, we'll have better results with sleeping (though I tend to doubt it).
Last night was Family Math Night at the elementary school. We didn't go, mostly due to the lame nature of the event itself (we've been on previous years....was more of a pain in the neck than anything). Emanuel did however go because he was "working" one of the booths for extra credit in math. And from the way his grades have dropped in the last was much needed extra credit.
Drew brought home a little suprise from school a couple days ago. It was a note from the office, all folded up a thousand times, I guess in an effort to delay my reading its contents. Anyhow, it explained that Drew had been given after-school detention because the substitute teacher caught him copying another kids' vocabulary words. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, our first ever acedemic cheating incident. Albert and Drew took a drive to discuss the importance of NOT taking credit for work that is not yours whether in school or in life.
House training with Zoe continues. Some days are good...some very bad. It seems that when the weather is cold outside, Zoe does not like to be bothered with trips outdoors to potty. She prefers to potty where its warm and cozy...inside the house. When you take her out, she promptly sits down and refuses to budge and looks at you, until you bring her back in, where about 5 minutes later, she finds a hiding spot in the house can guess. We're working on it.
Well, gotta run, Brice needs "bathroom help" Oh joy.


The Romero-Schroeder said...

Ohh poor you, hope this time the cereal does the trick!!!!

Shannon said...

Oh the joy of sleepless nights - I am now trying to "stock up" on my sleep so when little bit gets here I will be fully charged! I hope that this is just a phase and that she quickly starts sleeping through again!

TONYA said...

I'm waggling my finger at Drew. Naughty boy. I'm sure he won't do it again now.

I never go to math night. That's Randy's job, let's just say that math and I do not get along, we never have and we never will.

Did you try solids with Sydney?

Jenn H said...

How is Syd taking to solids and is it helping her sleep? Hope so mama as you need some extra rest :)

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