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Having twelve children is an amazing blessing and one heck of a crazy ride. Join us through all the joys, smiles, tribulations and trials as we navigate this fabulous journey!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

We had a wonderful holiday weekend. We very much enjoyed the time off together. We played around and hung out with the kids on Friday night and Saturday and then Sunday night, Albert and I had a date night. Monday was agian, a day with the kids, playing basketball together and just being with each other. We blew up the jumping tent for the smaller kids. Alexandria loved it but Isaiah wasn't too wild about it! Basically, each time someone jumped, he wigged out.

Albert barbecued a wonderful feast...ribs, chicken, hotdogs, pork and beans, corn on the cob...yummy. We forgot about the strawberries we had for desert, so we'll have those tonight.

I'll try to put up some pictures so you can see our weekend!

Drew is playing tonight in his last band event for the school year. He is playing for Honors night at school. He was dressed so handsomely before he left. I wish I'd gotten pics, but alas, it was too crazy in here to go for the camera.

Emanuel turned in his solar oven today. He hasn't told me the whole story as to how it worked and if it operated as he hoped. He did his chores and then was out in a flash to play basketball! Hopefully I'll get the goods on how his project turned out as soon as he gets in. It was really cool. He used a pizza box and constructed it based on directions off the internet (see, it is useful for more than just my entertainment!) It was no where near as difficult as we'd thought to make. It was mostly just a matter of him cutting and fitting pieces of tin foil, plastic and black posterboard in place. The idea is then that if he places something (I think smores was what his class was planning) in the middle and open the top of the box, the sun would heat through the tin foil and plastic and cook the smores. Can't wait to hear how it turned out!

On a sad note, Albert has to turn in the computer tomorrow to the school no lap top until August. We have a desktop...but no internet service yet. So...It may be a couple of weeks before we get internet services here so that may posts for a couple weeks. It will be tough, but think of all the updates we'll have when I finally get my internet service back!


The Romero-Schroeder said...

That food look so yummy!!!!!

TONYA said...

I'm sobbing uncontrollably at the thought of no Ang for a couple of weeks.

Where did you and Albert go for date night?

BoufMom9 said...

OMG! What??? NO INTERNET?????
What am I supposed to do???

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