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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Raja Bolts Again! And This Time She's Not So Fortunate...

Well, it's finally happened. Yesterday afternoon, Brice tore across the dining room, raced to the front door and threw opened the front door. Of course, Raja was yet again, hot on his heels. Brice was oportunistic because I'd successfully managed to keep him inside all day. Then Albert called to say he was on his way home and as soon as Brice saw me on the phone, he figured "BINGO" and set about making his escape. Thus all the dog had to do to make her escape was to follow him out.
As soon as I heard the door I hung up with Albert and ran out to retreive both Brice and the dog. Brice had only made it to the porch....Raja....clear up the road. Drew and Emanuel jumped on their bikes to go after her to bring her back- they usually are way more successful than me. However, shockingly, after just a couple moments, Raja trudged back into the house on her own. What? Had she felt guilty??? Remorseful??? Had a change of heart???? Decided not to stress me???? Then I saw her limping. Then I saw large amounts of blood dripping onto the carpet...that had been recently steam-cleaned. I say recently as in two or three weeks ago.
Raja. Raja. Raja. Suddenly...there's a knock at the door. It's a little girl from the neighborhood.
"Your dog got hit by a car" she tells the boys. The boys come running in the living room shouting the news. At this time, I'm trying to get Raja to let me have a look at the paw but each time I touch her she hobbles away from me....and spreads blood further on our freshly steam-cleaned carpet.
I call Albert who says to load her up and find an animal hospital. He then calls back 2 minutes later and says to meet him at Exit #9 so I can follow him to the afterhours animal hospital he's found that is actually open.
Drew carries her out to the van and Emanuel and I take her in. As soon as we arrive, they see her right away. Soon after, the vet comes in to tell us that they would like to admitt the dog and observe her for a day or two. They also reccomend x-ray's of her whole body and a slew of other things. Albert asks what will all this cost. The answer is a whopping amount that is over $2,000
Well, now we love the dog...but we have 8 kids (soon to be 9) to care for. We tell them that we just want them to wash out the wound, stitch it up and give us pain meds and antibiotics and that we'll take her home. They give us AMA orders to sign. I swear, I know lots of you out there love animals and I mean no disrespect but the way they act like the dog is a person and the vet is a doctor and this is a real hospital setting almost made me giggle a bit. I feel they go a bit overboard.
So we wait HOURS for them to stitch her up. They keep having emergencies they tell us. Then we learn they have stitched a drainage tube into the leg so that any infection will drain away (and thus onto my carpet I suppose). I ask if I can stuff a cotton ball at the end to prevent the "infection" from draining onto my rug. They look at me as though my priorities are all messed up and say NO. When they are done we have to wait even longer, because "Raja is slow in waking up from the anesthesia" Albert tells them she can wake up in the back of the car. Again they look at us and tell us to have a seat. It will be a while longer. It was midnight when we got home.
If you are wondering if we know who hit the dog...we think so but aren't sure. The little girl who saw it happen pointed out who did it and when Brandon went to ask them the simple question of "Did you happen to accidently run over our dog." The two teenage girls wouldn't answer him and jumped in the car and left again. Albert contacted their parents and the girls are saying they don't THINK they hit the dog, that she did run out in front of them but that they were able to stop in time and saw her cross the road before proceeding. The little girl who saw it says that the dog went under their car and they proceeded on probably THINKING that the dog had passed. What dog would go under a car, except Raja!
The think that didn't make sense to us though was that if they didn't hit her why run away when Brandon asked them about it. Why not just say "no, we saw her but we didnt' hit her"
They came by the house this morning with their dad to reiterate that they didn't hit her and I appreciate them comming by and being willing to discuss it. We told them that we don't want anything except to know what happened as this info would help us decide how to treat her.
She's home now (after a vet bill of almost $4oo) with the drain in her injury. One would think she will have learned her lesson but alas she attempted to dart out the door AGAIN this morning. I wish we could fence our yard but alas we just can't afford it yet.
We have her shut in Drew's room because it isn't good for her to be up running around. She has on one of those E-collars to prevent her from licking, biting, scratching, otherwise messing with the paw. She's pretty clumsy with it and often bangs into the walls since it leaves her with no side vision.
We take her back 2 more days from now to remove the drain and in 13 more days to remove the stitches.
Have I mentioned that Raja REALLY annoys me.
The kids are thrilled that she'll be okay. And Brice is now banned from EVER touching ANY DOOR!


Lynn said...

Oh I'm so sorry!
You might have to put her on some kind of long leash in the house. She's obviously not one to learn a lesson....

Jenn H said...

Can a dog have ADD? Sorry that you had to go through all of that!

BoufMom9 said...

Although you already told me this on the's just so much better reading it the second time around.
Damn dog!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

OMG, Poor RAja, poor ypu and yhe whole situation! But dman those teenage girls! that is unacceptable!

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