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Monday, May 19, 2008


In the past couple of weeks, all four of our school aged boys have had feild trips. I must say, they have been to some pretty cool places.
Emanuel's 5th grade class went to the Bowling Hall of Fame where they got to bowl a few rounds and then walked over to Busch Stadium (where the cardinals play baseball) and ate lunch there as well as took a walk down to the feild (but not on the grass!) He was very excited. Perhaps most excited about bringing a sack lunch! Okay, so my kids are obsessed with sack lunches. I make them buy their lunch at school. I used to buy in to the brown bag theory but I found that it wasn't necessarily any cheaper when you have to make up four of them a day, and it was ALOT of time and effort. So now, come heck or high water, they buy the school lunch. Even on mystery meat days!
Drew has a fascinating field trip. His grade went hiking and caving! He had to pack a big bag or gear, including things like a flashlight, extra shoes and clothes, and of course the glorious sack lunch!!! I had to pick him up at school because the field trip was scheduled to go past the regular school day. When I picked him up, he was very tired but had had an excellent time. He said that the caves were fabulous and climbing them was really cool. He also said he loved the hiking part, though it made him very thirsty! They had two choices at the hiking trails- they could take the short path that was steep and intense, or they could take the easier trail that was level and easy, but it was a lot longer. Drew chose the short and intense trail and loved it! When he got home, he told me it was one of the best field trips he'd had.
Brandon's class went on a field trip to Grant' Farm which is a petting zoo on the outside edges of St. Louis. Unfortunately for him, no sack lunches!!! The kids ate a lunch there at Grant's Farm. I did indulge him in bringing an extra drink. They have the Anheiser Busch Clydsdale horses at Grant's Farm and Brandon enjoyed seeing those. Unfortunatley at the end of the trip, apparently a skirmish broke out between one of the chaperone's for Brandon's class and a chaperone at another school district and it dissolved into a physical altercation (I'm dead serious) and in the scuffle, Brandon was hit in the head. I called the school to speak to Ms. Bean (Brandon's teacher) and poor Ms. Bean had been through such a rough day! I felt very badly for her. Brandon's head was fine and in fact he suffers from the slightest tendency to overexaggerate so the exact details of his "smack to the head" are unclear. Suffice it to say that he lived. Other than this, he had an excellent time!
Jackson just had his field trip today and he went to St. Clair Bowl. When he came home this afternoon he ran through the door yelling "Mommy! At bowling, I got 2 sparrows and a strike!" uh, Jackson, that would be 2 spares and a strike. He was so impressed with his little bowling score. I think we'll have to take him more often as he really enjoyed himeself. We all actually enjoy bowling as a family, its' just so darn hard anymore to find open lanes that aren't late at night due to all the leauges. Heck, we have enough family members, we could probaby make our own league!!!! And of course, least I forget....Jackson got to bring...a sack lunch!
So that's the lowdown on end of the year field trips. We're so glad the kids had fun, but so gald the are over (have I mentioned my disdain for packing sack lunches!)


BoufMom9 said...

Sounds like GREAT trips! LOL about the sack lunches. My kids HATE them because I don't pack anything "cool". LOL
Drews cave climbing sounded really AWESOME!!!!

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