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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back to the Hospital Again

So today made 48 hours that Brandon had been on his antibiotic and still no improvement. In fact, he was worse. Last night was very bad with his fever reaching almost 105 and him being up, crying, having chills and throwing up quite a bit. Albert handled most of it, as Brandon likes to be cared for by his Daddy when he is sick. Yes, he wants me if Daddy isn't around but if he's given the's Daddy every time.
I called Dr. Bob this morning to see if it was alright to wait another day before having him seen again and the response was that we needed to come in right then. So, we scrambled into clothes and off we went. I took Brice and Sydney with us and the rest of the crew stayed at home. We were in Albert's car which doesn't have any air conditioning (read this as doesn't have WORKING air conditioning) so we had all the windows rolled down. Several miles from home Brice was overcome with the sudden urge to chuck his sandles out the window and onto the highway. He gave in to that urge. Immediately he started sheiking "Mommy! My Sandles! My Sandles!"
I told him there was nothing we could do.
He then started yelling "Don't leave my sandles...don't leave my sandles"
Obviously, we had to leave the sandles. I wondered breifly how I was going to get through the hospital with Brice in bare feet but decided to scratch off that worry until later.
After Brice stopped crying he began a new campaign to drive me crazy. About every five minutes he would randomly shout "Found it Mom...Found it!"
What the heck "It" was I never determined. But every few minutes he would go off like an alarm clock..."Found it Mom!" Have you ever tried to drive and concentrate on the heavy traffic around you with someone yelling "Found it!" from the backseat??? Rather annoying.
When we got there, discovered that actually only one sandle had been chucked out the window. The other was on the floorboard of the car. Luck was on my side as we happened to have another mismatched sandle (of another style and color of course) available and so thus Brice was spared from visiting the hospital in bare feet.
Brandon was in bad shape when we got there and was mumbling and moaning about wanting his Dad and feeling very badly. His fever was 103.6 when we got there. Dr. Bob took a look at him and said that his plan was to give Brandon another dose of IV Rocephin there in the office and then we could continue the Amoxicillian at home. This made me a bit nervous as it has only been in the last couple of months that we have even been able to treat him at all with a low level oral antibiotic like amoxicilian. Given that Brandon had just had strep a month ago and was treated with amox and thus the strep was back, it didn't inspire lots of confidence. But Dr. Bob said he'd rather not keep going up steps of antibiotics since Brandon already had the potential to need stronger ones later due to his disease and he didn't want him to become colonized to the lower level ones. He ordered blood work and about an hour later nurse Jamie came back in.
"Well" she said. Dr. Bob said to stop the amoxicilin. Brandon's CRP went from 1.7 on Monday to 13.6 today. He's going to have to get the IV Rocephin for 7 days." Lovely. CRP is a count that measures infection in the body. Normal or no infection is less than 0.5 so 13.7 indicates a decent size infection somewhere. This isn't really a terrible number. Brandon has certainally had much worse but it is concerning and espicially concerning that its rising and not falling. much for getting to use normal antibiotics orally for common infections.
So, Brandon is accessed and home health just delivered his shipment of Rocephin. Yea us. Even greater news...Sydney has a fever as well. I looked at her diaper area to see if I could find any strep rash but found nothing. She is sounding very congested though. I swear, if she has another bout of pnemonia I will scream.
When we got home Brandon was feeling a bit better but now not so much...Sydney went to bed a half hour early as she didn't feel well either. Here's hoping tomorrow will bring a better day for the kids...and us...


BoufMom9 said...

OH Ang! I am so sorry Brandon isn't getting better! :(
Poor Brandon!
Is any of this related to him being weened? I remember you mentioning it a while back and you haven't said anything in a while. Is it going ok?
Poor Syd! Hope she doesn't get sick again too!

Shannon said...

Ang!! I am so sorry to hear about Brandon - PRAYERS are going up here for him. I added him onto our churches prayer chain. Strength to you and Albert! I am thinking of you!

Lynn said...

Praying hard! Give that boy a hug from me!

Terri O'Laughlin said...

Hope Brandon is feeling better today. I will be thinking about you guys. Hope Syd isn't gettig sick on top of it!!

The Collins Family said...

Ang - I'm so sorry Brandon is so sick...I guess the silver lining is that they can send out home health right? Hope Syd feels better and everyone else stays well!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Oh sucks about the sickies!!! hope they are better!

Tabbatha Rose said...

How is Brandon doing now? I hope Syd is doing ok too.

Sharlene said...

I am sorry Brandon is sick again. How you do it I will never know. Even though you are going through all of this horrible stuff you still manage to make me laugh with Brice's sandal throwing and "got it". He is such a character! God love you all!

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