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Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Quest for BPA Free Bottles

My mother in law has been sending us little clippings from the newpaper. These articles are on various topics regarding parenting...she's sent a couple on breastfeeding, one on vaccinations and one on the dangers of bottles that contain BPA. Now, normally I must admit it takes days to even find time to read the articles and when I do, I don't always agree with their content but I was very interested in the one regarding BPA in bottles. Interested mostly because I know that microwaving these bottles aids in the toxic chemicals leaching out into the formula and as those of you who know me well can probably guess....I do microwave the bottles indeed. So, a couple weeks ago while standing in Walmart with Albert deciding on whether to go with the Huggies brand or the Walmart store brand (never again) I remembered the article and started looking for new bottles labeled BPA FREE. The only ones I could find in Walmart though, were the walmart brand "Parent's Choice." The deal seemed good. 3 bottles in the pack for only $2.97 but I was skeptical....they looked cheap and plain and not very fun. I decided to give them a try as there was no other choice of BPA Free bottle.
I hated them. The nipple colapsed constantly. It took Sydney 45 minutes average to finish a feeding. That's longer than it took her as a newborn. Even when I enlarged the nipple (I know, I know, you aren't supposed to do that) it didn't help the problem. I was constatnly having to pull it out of her mouth for a few seconds to let the nipple reinflate. She always cried during this time becuase she thought I was taking it away from her when she wasn't done. Her little mouth would hang open and chase the nipple while I was letting it reinflate. Sometimes, if she sucked hard enuogh, the whole bottle would colapse in.
I read about "Born Free" bottles and discovered they were sold at Babies R Us. Albert and I headed out to get them yesterday but when I got there I discovered that they retailed for a whopping $10.99 PER BOTTLE!!! Okay, that's just a crazy amount of money to spend for a bottle. Fortunatley, Babies R Us sold other brands of BPA free so I had some options this time. Many of the choices resembled the Parents Choice brand a little too closely...plain, and cheap, and I wasn't taking chances again. I could have gone with glass and avoided the whole problem but then I thought....its my older kids who make up the bottle about 50% of the time and indeed feed Sydney the bottle about 10% of the time and do I really want them to be handling glass bottles...NO. And one other reason I didn't want to go with glass....BRICE. Enough said.
I saw that Dr. Brown's made a BPA Free plastic bottle and it was reasonably priced at around $12.00 for a pack of three. Not bad. But here's the thing. I used to use Dr. Brown's way back when it was the new trendy bottle and I cared about that kind of stuff. Now, with kid #8 being fed...I care about much more practical things such as cost...and how easy it is to clean. Those of you familiar with Dr. Brown's bottles know...they are not easy to clean. They come in about 4556767 parts that all need to be scrubbed seperately. There are little plastic attachements that I used to find very cool and very I find them a giant pain in the ass. However, they met the criteria of affordable and BPA Free and Albert and Sydney were waiting in the car so I went with them.
I'm glad to say that Sydney can now finish her meals in an appropriate amount of time and I can feel semi-good/better about microwaving her formula.
I should mention at this point that none of this would matter if I had been able to successfully breastfeed my baby. No toxic chemicals would be leaking out of my breasts and even if it did, I would be highly unlikely to microwave my breast and thus worsen the problem. My boobs are BPA free naturally and the milk that would feed Sydney would always be at the right temperature. Yes I'm still sad/bitter that breastfeeding didn't work out. Sad for a variety of reasons. Bitter because I know how much easier life would be if it had worked for us. But alas, 24 short little weeks until life affords a new opportunity to try again. This pregnancy is flying by. I updated the pregnancy journal if anyone wants to take a look. It's listed under the links section.
Still planning to upload pictures soon!


Shannon said...

We are too trying to use PBA free bottles. We went with the Playtex DropIns. We like them fine so far. Mayah only has had maybe 3 or 4 bottles and they work just fine. Easy clean up - just throw the bag away. They are not that expensive either.

MamaBriggs said...

I love your insight!! Wow only 24 weeks to go!

BoufMom9 said...

Hey lady!
there are actually a bunch of different types of sippy cups and bottles now that are BPA free. I LOVE Avent as long as your little ones don't have any mouth musle problems (like mine do. UGH!) But, Avent is awesome because you can transition straight from bottle to cup with them.
Or, you can just do what i did...go SUPER cheap and just buy glass Evenflo bottles. I think they were maybe $1 each!!! Gotta love a cheap old bargin!
:) Debi

BoufMom9 said...

LOL ok, so I just re-read and saw your mention of Brice. LOL
For the record, the glass is pretty thick and E&W threw their bottles often and never broke them...
That said, we are talking about the Brice... LOL

Jennifer said...

I recommend the bag bottles too. I've used them for all 5 of my kids and love them. No washing just throw it away ang give the nipple a good rinse. Good luck finding one you like :)

Jessica Ames said...

I bought the plain 'ol Evenflo glass bottles for about $2 each (usually in a pack of 3). They worked just fine. Breastfeeding is hard, don't beat yourself up about it.

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