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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crazy Days...

Okay everyone, sorry for the space between updates. It's really hectic around here...I have a week and a half left of school (at least for the summer session). Thus, I have tons of tests, papers and projects that all need to be turned in within the next few days.

Cat dissections finally ended, thank goodness. Yesterday we dissected out the reproductive organs. I'm not sure words can adequately describe the experience of dissecting a dead, skinned cat, that is dripping with formaldahyde, looking for it's uterus and vagina. I won't have to see the cat anymore this semister, expect for the lab test tomorrow, but I won't have to touch it then...just name the part that the teacher has tagged.

The kids are all doing really well. We had a family pizza party last night for them to reward them for being so helpful over the weekend when I was briefly hospitalized (just for a couple of days) for gallbladder issues...yet again. I am now on a low fat diet (technically). However, last night I ate lots of that low fat???

Drew is at band camp this week. Band camp is really just practice at his school but its a chance for him to get a little playing time in (since he hasnt all summer long thus far) and to see his friends and beloved band director Mrs. Richtor.

Our baby Drew will be turning 13 in just a few days. We can't beleive we are going to have a teenager! I feel really old. We are making it a really special day for him. He is such a great kid...even when I want to scream with all the silly things he does.

Last night, when his brother Brandon asked "Drew can you pass the garlic salt" (I don't know why our kids persist on putting garlic salt on pizza...maybe my Italian genes did pass on somewhere...) Drew opened (on purpose) the big pouring spout and whispered to Manny "Watch this". Of course garlic salt flew everywhere, particularly in a big heap on Brandon's pizza. the kids thought this was hilarious. Albert and I didn't laugh at all. We told Drew that he could now eat the pizza as a reward for his cleverness. I swear I think Drew would eat anything. I think he was glad. At the very least, I could tell he felt a smug satisfaction that having to eat the piece of pizza was indeed worth the look on Brandon's face when all the garlic salt spilled out.

Here are some pics of the last couple weeks. Look how huge my belly already is...thats cheeseburgers ladies and gentlemen...not all baby! Also I put Baby Fontenot's u/s pics up on our pregnancy site although they scanned in so small, its hard to see anything.

Have a great week. I'll be back to update soon!


Lynn said...

You're not allowed to have gall bladder problems! Had mine out a long time's not fun! PLEASE take care of yourself!

TONYA said...

You look great hon. Cheeseburgers ha, you are too funny.

I think pizza can be lowfat. I'm sure if we dissected what was on it we could find something good for you and not fattening LOL

Anonymous said...

did you have veggies on the pizza? Then it's the very least there were tomatos in the sauce so it's actually good for you! Seriously though, take care of yourself and that little bun in the oven! I love that you made Drew eat the pizza!! LOL!

CC said...

you always make me laugh ang! Your kids are so funny and so cute. No, i wouldn't have laughed over Drew's trick if he was mine... but in your post... it is funny! i think pizza is health food... all the right ingredients... dairy, bread, vegatables... whats not to be healthy?

Jennifer said...

That is one cute baby!!

Lynn said...

Did I mention that I LOVE the pics?!

BoufMom9 said...

you look fantastic. Dont know who you are talking about!
the kids are looking adorable1
Please watch eating those fatty foods. I have had thos esame issues while pregnant and it will come back to haunt you with pain.
Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly!

Jane said...

Love the pics!!! Especially the one of Sydney.

Happy Birthday to Drew!

Jenn H said...

You look gorgeous!!! Hope you are feeling better! Happy Birthday Drew!

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