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Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day Plans

I hope all of you will have a very happy Valentine's Day tomorrow. I know we will. We are planning to start our day by spending time with our children as a family. I have some cupcakes with pink and white frosting to bake for them. Our initial plan was going to be a picnic as we've been having nice (not too cold) weather lately but sadly, it won't last long enough to picnic outside tomorrow. So, we're thinking maybe a picnic in the house. We can spread out some blankets. I'll make some sandwhiches and we can watch a family movie...maybe...
Tomorrow night we are shooing the kids upstairs early. They don't have to be in bed, just upstairs. They can play wii or board games or watch movies or whatever, as long as they aren't downstairs with us. We are going to light some candles, drink some wine, and enjoy a nice steak dinner by candelight in our dinning room (instead of the kitchen). That dinning room table rarely ever sees a meal, usually just piles of folded laundry waiting to be put away...and sometimes unfolded laundry waiting to be folded then put away....I'm sure our table will enjoy the change of pace.
The girls have cute matching Valentine's Day tee-shirts (purchased for $4.oo each at Walmart).
I just bathed the girls and Isaiah and painted Alexandria and Sydney's finger and toe nails. Didn't go so well. Alexandria LOVES it but gets too excited and is unable to stop herself from smudging the polish before it's dry. Sydney just doesn't have the patience for it and although is interested for a few moments at first, her interest wanes before I can get through all 20 of her digits. Tragically, she only has 7 fingers painted. We'll have to try for the last three after naptime. I also put nail decal stickers that our friend Jeni brought by yesterday on their fingers. Alexandria espicially loved that. She is such a girly-girl. Just what I dreamed of all these years. I'm finally getting to do these things! So exciting.
In other news, we've decided to hold Bree's baby dedication on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend so family...make your plans. We're really hoping Albert's Dad will be able to make it out to bless her himself (he's a pastor) but if not, then Albert will do the service. Did you know you can be ordained on-line to conduct a one time ceremony? Pretty cool. Still hoping Al's Dad will be able to do it though...
Have a happy Valentine's Day everyone! Spend it with family...and by that I mean your spouse and your children (unless of course you aren't your case...spend it with anyone willing to spend it with you! Just kidding!


Anonymous said...

Oh I hope it works out tomorrow! You really think all the kids will stay upstairs the whole time?

BoufMom9 said...

LOL Katie...that's your sister, right? haha

Sounds like the perfect Valentines and just like the one we have planned (although we are making gourmet burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner)
We're watching Fireproof with the kids. if you ahven't sen it, RUN to redbox and rent it for a dollar. it's beautiful!

Have a happy V day Ang! (missing you already!)

Anonymous said...

So.............did it work?

albert & angela fontenot said...

It did work...sort of...apparently its allstar weekend for basketball. We only have cable (or any tv for that matter) on the downstairs television. Emanuel was so excited about watching it, I couldn't bring myself to make him leave. So I compromised with him. I gave him until 9:45 (which was when our steaks were ready) and then we paused the television and sent him upstairs with the other kids. We left the tv paused so that he could catch the rest this morning (he ended up comming down sometime during the night and finishing it). So everyone was happy. We got our hour of uninteruppted dinner, exchanged cards and drank our wine. Of course, Bree was right in the middle of us, as she wanted HER Valentines meal too. That's okay because as soon as she was done I knew I could enjoy my glass of wine without worrying that she'd need to nurse anytime soon. Hope your day was wonderful too!

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