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Sunday, March 22, 2009


This afternoon after our church financial class (Crown Ministries...we really like it), we headed out for a date afternoon. First we needed to stop by and grab a new short sleeve shirt for Albert because he'd worn a hoodie and it was getting increasingly HOT outside. We went to TJ Max as there are usually good deals to be had. I had a bit of shopping that needed done as well. The girls need spring sandals desperately and I am looking for a bag to carry that is bigger than a regular purse but not a full on diaper bag. I never want to carry a diaper bag or back pack again. When we got there, Albert went off in search of his shirt and I scoured the purse rack. I found one that looked perfect...a slouchy bag in an off white color with large, shiny, gold straps. Perfect...till I spotted the price tag....$198. Holy Crap! Are you kidding? At TJ MAX?
Albert found nothing and neither did I so we made our way over to Burlington Coat Factory. Much better. No bag was found still, but Al got his shirt and I grabbed a couple pairs of $12 sandals for the girls. They had a cuter pair for $14 but I suavely SAVED the extra four bucks. Such a savvy Mom.
After our shopping we headed to a little town next to ours called Freeburg. There, they have a splendid little Mexican resteraunt called Tequilla's. Ora, Kari and whoever else is local...I highly recommend... It was excellent. Delicious chips and salsa, huge fountain drinks and the best salads we've ever had. We shared a giant Margarita and enjoyed watching basketball together over lunch. The best part...our bill was only $18 bucks and most of that was the giant Margarita. We will definately be returning to this beautifully decorated, visually appealing, amazing little spot. Such a friendly waitress as well!
When we arrived home, our car was instantly seized upon by the older kids all chattering and chirpping at once that #1 Sydney had a high fever and #2 Brandon had punched the neighbor's kid...yes, the same kid that Brice punched last week. Ahhhh, the end of our date.


ora said...

We'll have to try out Tequilla's sometime although we really like the place in Lebanon. A date, eh? Good for you guys!

Anonymous said...


I agree with Ora. The place in Lebanon is really good too and also seemly inexpensive.

Jeni P.

The Corradetti Clan said...

Ang, You post crack me up. You always seem to make me laugh. Have ever consider a career in sitcom writing. "everybody loves Ang" ! Miss and love you always. Hope Sydney is feeling better.

The Collins Family said...

wait...did I miss a Brice story? Oh no! I'm glad you guys had a nice afternoon and so glad you included the bits about the punching just for added Fontenot humor!!! :)

BoufMom9 said... I was ready to read you were shooting back tequila shots 9maybe you did when you got home??? LOL)

Glad you & Albert got to get out a bit and really have some fun & alone time!

Hope Miss Syd is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

That's the way it is with dates...the more fun you have, the more you "pay" when you get home. Sounds like an amazing place to eat! Wish we had one around here that was that cheap!

* TONYA * said...

LMAO. Your kids kill me. Always something. Always. Well done on saving that $4. I need to take a leaf out of your book hon. I hate it when I go to TJ Maxx and Marshalls and find a cute bag only to find out it's still well over the $100 mark. Really bugs me.

The Eadle Family said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful date. Too bad about the fever and fighting!

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