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Monday, April 27, 2009

Espicially for the Brice faithful...

Just when I thought Brice was settling down, and leaving his rambunctious, silly, bold, precocious ways behind, along with the other remnants of babyhood...he has revved up again. Words escape me when I try to put into sentences, the full embodiement of his amazing personality. He is full of zest is about the best I can do. I have never had a child quite like him. All at once he makes me want to pull my hair out, and gobble up his sweet, adorable, chubby cheeks.
Yesterday, I made a run to Family Dollar for some juice. Isaiah is on another of his poop strikes, but I digress...Jackson and Brice came with me and had finagled some change from their penny banks before loading up in the car. They picked out their candy at the checkout and paid for it (initially Brice had chosen and ice cream and I think had partially opened the wrapper before putting it back and settling on some gummy bears). Having some change left, the boys headed over to the quarter machines. I detest the quarter machines because they always seem to lead to heartache when a kid doesn't get the expected prize, or worse, the little bits of candy slip through their expectantly cupped palms and land with agony all over the store floor.
Brice put his quarter in the gumball machine (least we forget that gum isn't even allowed in our house) and twisted the dial. Out came tumbling his most coveted white gumball...and it tumbled onto the Family Dollar floor and proceeded to roll quite a distance. Brice was hot on the heels of his gumball, while I pretended not to notice. Oh come on, I wasn't going to take it away and come face to face with the torrent of tears that would have caused. You know the saying..God made dirt...
So Brice indeed caught the gumball and proudly collected it in his hands. Until we opened the front door to leave the store and again the gumball spilled forth onto the pavement. And rolled. And rolled. Again, Brice gave chase to the gumball. Again he caught it. Again, I kept walking and pretended not to notice. He finally did eat it. I'm sure at this point it's either plastered to my carpet somewhere, or else coating the lining of his tummy.
Today before school, he wanted macaroni and cheese for lunch. Apparently REALLY wanted mac and cheese. He walked up to me, like a little four year old bully and said the following...I kid you NOT:

"Mommy...Macaroni for lunch. Say it! Say it! Say it!"
"Okay, Brice, macaroni for lunch if you can ask in a bettter way"

As I prepared to make the macaroni, and pulled out the pot and filled it with water, Brice said
"You make macaroni?" his voice was full of macaroni anticpation.
"Yes Brice, I'm making it"
"OH MOMMY! You so cute! You beautiful Mommy! You beautiful when you make macaroni!"


Anonymous said...

You'll never have a dull moment with that one around, that's for sure! Way too funny!

BoufMom9 said...

Oh I just LOVE Brice!
I can't wait to meet him in person!!!!

Sharlene said...

I love that kid!

Alisha said...

How cute is that! lol.

I hate those candy machines too!

The Collins Family said...

I love this kid! And I love that his beautiful macaroni making Mama admits to things like turning her head when the gumball hits the floor :)

16 blessings'mom said...

Isn't it nice to be beautiful? I laughed out loud at the rolling gumball. I would've pretended not to notice that too. He sounds like so much fun.

Jane said...

So cute. "You beautiful when you make macaroni!"

ora said...

I can SOOOO picture Brice doing it ALL! He couldn't have been too quiet chasing that gumball...? I held my breath when Cody got candy from one of those machines the other day and, too, ignored that any of it hit the floor. You ARE a beautiful mama!

Anonymous said...


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