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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kambree is still 100% unique

Well, the cereal is working! It is making a difference in her sleeping patterns at night- at least that's what the early, preliminary evidence shows! She has decreased her night waking dramatically and now is back to waking up only once at night (usually around 2:00).
I've often heard people advise starting cereal to help with sleeping through the night, but it's NEVER worked on any of my babies before, but I should have known Kambree would be different.
She's been different on every aspect of life since her conception. When I was first pregnant I could have sworn I wasn't - negative pregnancy tests, cramping, spotting- thought for sure Aunt Flow was in town, but was just Kambree's unique way of introducing herself.
My pregnancy with her was remarkably different. I was not nearly as sick as I'd been with the others...still tired, but not really very sick (at least not by comparison). I enjoyed her pregnancy more, I didn't get that sick and tired of being pregnant feeling until the week before she was born.
She's the only one who I went into serious false labor with. Only one out of nine babies (well, 8 pregnancies).
Her birth was crazy different. I had spent the whole 9 months worrying over a ligtening speed labor and delivery as with a few of my other kids- most notably Brandon and Emanuel. But nope...she was painfully slow. She really took her time. Of course, I didn't have the pitocin that I generally have on board either and perhaps that would have sped things along. Perhaps not. But she was S.L.O.W. Even after dilating to 10 centemeters, she proceeded to SLOWLY decend and make her way out. She was so slow that she missed being born on my sisters birthday which had been half the point of having my water broken that day. Maybe she was making me pay for the fact that I had chosen her birth date for her by having my membranes stripped and my water broken and she was interjecting what bit of will she could by delivering at seven minutes AFTER midnight on the appointed day I'd wanted her to come...who knows.
She's a unique girl though. Even when we started the cereal, I'd tried to express some breast milk to mix it with. I was largely unsuccessful though and decided I've had to mix it with water just for that first night. I felt so bad about it. All my other kids HATED cereal mixed with water. I promised her I'd run to the store the next day for juice. I gave it to her that first night mixed with water and she did suprisingly well. The next day I got the juice, mixed it in and gave it to her. SHE HATED IT! She made the most aweful faces, gagged, spit it out, you name it. I tossed it in the sink and made her a new batch. Plain. With water. She loved it.
Bree has definately taught me many lessons of the value of looking at my children as unique individuals rather than saying "my kids usually do this" or "my pregnancies usually go like that..." I can't wait to see other lessons she has to teach me....


BoufMom9 said...

Of course she is different. And perfect.
She seems like such a wonderfully pleasant baby too.
Wonder if it's the BFing?
She's just so content.

Glad the cereal is working. (ps maybe she just knows you're pinching pennies and wanted to help by just needing water. LOL)

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope it continues to help her sleep better! It's just so hard when you can't get any sleep.
And yes, even after all those kids, each one IS unique and different! I never mixed cereal with juice...babies don't know any difference...they don't have anything to compare it to.

The Collins Family said...

I guess when you are 1 of 9 you have to do something to help you stand out! Smart girl :)

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