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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Sweet Sydney is 18 months already...where did the time go?

Sydney in a bad mood...throwing her plate...

Sydney Paige, also known as Sydney Paige Beverly Rose (hey, I got emotional when it was time to sign the birth certificate...we wanted to honor both our Mom's...we may have gotten a little carried away...) is already 18 months old! What? When did this happen? Wasn't she just a little bity, tiny baby. She is a beautiful, gorgeous, mean little girl. Yes, I said mean. Sydney is best approached with the same caution you would use when getting close to say, an animal in the zoo. She's beautiful. Nice to admire or take a photograph of...but you don't want to get to close. She has sharp teeth and claws. She aggitates easily. She is prone to fits of violence. Oh, sure, she can be cute and cuddly. But one must always remember, she is wild. Approach with caution.
If you'll notice the second to last picture...this is what Sydney does when I can't pick her up. She hangs on to my legs and SCREAMS! Ahhhh, such a joy!

Really, I LOVE my little girl more than words can describe. Every day, every day, I wish I had more time to gobble her up. To breathe in her sweetness, her little "mouse eyes" and to nibble on her chucky cheeks. She does, afterall, tolerate ME rather well. Sometimes, I like to just watch Sydney walking around. Playing. Exploring. I can't get enough of least until bedtime!


BoufMom9 said...

Oh My God Ang! I am reading this at 2am and am laughing my ass off!
Her face says it all! She looks totally agitated in some of these pics! LOL about you saying she's like a wild animal...OH Ang! I love you!
Thanks for the giggles!!!

ps She is simply GORGEOUS!!!!

Terri said...

Like Deb, I am laughing! Too funny! I don't know how you could say such things about that little cutie!

18 months already? Really? Wow! Time does fly, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Happy year and a half, little one!

Jane said...

What a gorgeous girl!! I can't believe she's 18 months either! WOW, time flies.

Sharlene said...

She truly is beautiful. She looks alot like her mommy!

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