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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The big storm

Last week, our town was the fabulous recipient of a big storm..a tornado was even reported in parts of our little town. we hid with our children and nephew in our tiny storage closet under the staircase. The small kids were terrified, Albert and Emanuel were excited by the large hail and our cars received enough damage that we'll get a fat check to fix them from the insurance company. Fun times...


Terri said...

glad to hear that everyone is ok.

Natalie said...

glad you're all OK! That doesn't happen here in CA, I guess some earthquakes here and there but that looks like a giant rock

Anonymous said...

Our hail on this side of town was not that big. Golf-ball sized here on the east side of mascoutah. But I have pictures and one looks like a fish and another looks like a turtle. I'll have to send you/show you those sometime.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I don't miss that at all! We never have anything that bad around here...i saw on the news someplace they were shoveling hail...can't remember where it was, though.

Sharlene said...

Holy cow thats some big ass hail!

BoufMom9 said...

HOLY COW! That hail is HUGE! YIKES!
Glad you were all ok.
I can just imagine the "fun times" hiding out with the kiddies. UGH

Valencia said...

Good thing everybody is okay! You have a beautiful family...

Anonymous said...

Guess what? My youngest decided she didn't need her appendix anymore! Now THAT was fun! Still trying to catch up around here....

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