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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is it weird????

That I stayed up past midnight looking at baby clothes on line and espicially at baby girl hats? You know, the ones that have the little flowers attached to the side of them. I became addicted to these hats after seeing them at another blog The fact that the mom at that blog is so awesome at photography probably made the hats look even better and thus, make me more addicted! Anyhow I am itching to buy some!

I'm not sure why I'm so addicted to baby clothes shopping this pregnancy. I guess its how my nesting instinct is manifesting...because its sure not manifesting itself in the desire to clean out my messy closet! Maybe it's because I've used mostly hand me downs for the last two girls. Not that I don't still. I've still salvaged what I could and bought lots second hand from Once Upon A Child (see, things need not be exactly new, just new to me!) A few nights ago, I filled up a cyber shopping cart from Babies R Us with tons of new clothes...mostly pink and purple and flower-y and lady bug-y. I didn't buy it though. The total was going to be, um, high-ish and so I decided I'd better least till payday! A post idea is forming in my head. I'll have to compile a list of all my favorite baby girl clothes websites I've found over the last few weeks during my compulsive online shopping. Including the site for those awesome hats!

Although, I must admit, I can't really control the urge not to pick up things here and there, basically whenever we go to the store. Last night, it was pink pacifiers at Walmart....which isn't really a big deal (c'mon it's a three dollar purchase) except for the fact that really NONE of our babies have taken a pacifier for any real length of the new, adorable ones I purchased will probably become toys for the girls' baby dolls within the weeks following our daughter's birth. They'll have stylish dolls though! Albert is being really patient with my new form of nesting and so far just keeps saying "whatever you want." That's what I like to hear....


BoufMom9 said...

LOL! If you haven;t gone to CWDkids or Hanna Andersson, pop on over. LOVE their outfits with matching EVERYTHING :)
(Albert is going to hate me)

Oh, and try ETSY for those hats! There are a lot of people who make them on there for decent prices. I have a few for Emma.

albert & angela fontenot said...

I love their stuff but its too expensive for my budget. I have to stay relatively inexpensive. I wish I didn't though! I'd shop there all the time . It's adorable.

Sandy Naidu said...

Stylish dolls sound good - how about shopping online ?

The Rhoderick Family said...

I loved the Gymboree sale items for my baby girl purchases. Sooo stinking cute and everything matches which I love.

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