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Friday, March 5, 2010

Strep Throat

Brandon has strep. He'd been running a fever since Tuesday night. I gave it a few days to clear on its own or to wait for other symptoms (both our pediatrician's office and hematologist's office say that in absence of other symptoms its best to wait four or five days into the fever before coming in- in order to let a simple virus run its course). Today though, he woke up with a really sore throat and indeed it was very red and gross looking. So, I called the general pediatrician (so nice to be able to take him there now) and they ran the rapid strep which yielded a big fat positive.
Actually, its good news. Strep is an easy fix as compared to a virus that often takes him days on end to process out of his system. He'll feel better by tomorrow night once he takes his antibiotic. The only downside is that because of his medical history and all the antibiotics he's needed in the past- amoxicillian doesn't do the job for him any longer so he always needs something stronger. In this case, he got a Z pack. I gave him the first dose tonight and have kept him on lots of Tylenol so he can feel well enough to eat in order to hopefully, avoid the tummy ache that Zpacks usually bring on. So far so good. We're betting that by Sunday, he'll be a new kid.


The Rhoderick Family said...

Get Well Soon Brandon!

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