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Monday, July 12, 2010

Is It Bedtime Yet?




Today was rough. Albert is working nights now so its just me and the kids from about 2:30 pm until bedtime on the nights he works.Some days it goes great. Other days- not so much. Today was a not-so-much day. I am potty training Sydney and semi-potty training Isaiah. Isaiah is having another "poop crisis" so he's pretty much needs his diaper until it passes. Pardon the pun. As soon as it does though, I'm expecting him to potty train quite easily, as he basically already goes to the toilet on his own anyway. The diaper is there to catch the torrential downpour that will be coming when his medicine takes effect. Anyway, I digress. Sydney is eager to wear big girl underpants but regrettably, sometimes was the case this morning when she pottied on my bed. On MY side of the bed. Yes, right were I lay at night. After a stern warning and a conversation about where potty should go, she seemed to understand. She nodded her head in agreement about where she would potty the next time the need should arise. She even said "yes" when I asked if she would potty in the toilet. Yet, after nap time, when I went upstairs to collect my sweet darlings from their room- there it was- a big pile. Of poop. Sydney shrugged her shoulders and didn't know why she did it.
She then, in cohorts with Alexandria and Isaiah, sprayed the rest of the can of 409 carpet spray across the boys bedroom. Emanuel had left the can up there, after cleaning a spot out of the bedroom floor. I cleaned up that mess and not 15 minutes later, Sydney appeared downstairs covered in head to toe with....sunscreen. Seriously? Can't I even make dinner or nurse the baby without this type of chaos?
Continuing on...dinner was a mess. A big, chicken-y mess, with creamed corn and pieces of meat spread across the table. And when the little ones went to play in the backyard and I raised the blinds so I could watch them...the blinds collapsed in my hands. Here's hoping tomorrow is better!


debi9kids said...

Oh wow Ang. That sounds NOT FUN.

It can only go up from here.... right???

Anonymous said... maybe babysitting two crying babies isn't so win!
Continuing to lift up prayers!
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