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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Learnng From Other III

Okay, I promised another link to a blog that is providing me with lots of food for thought right now, regarding rasing children, managing the household, the stress of motherhood ect...the one I am linking to now has provided me just that...great information for me to ponder (you know, with all my spare time). I have learned, been uplifted and encouraged, and felt...not-so-hopeless...even today. And I say even today, because today has been exceptionally stressful. The washer machine overflowed last night...for about two hours, soaking all the laundry on the floor waitng to be washed (and what a long "wait line" it was) and spilling out to the bathroom, the hallway and into the kitchen. Water even soaked through the walls and into our carpet in the living room. Now, today, I have tons of dirty laundry bagged up (soaking wet), a washing machine that my hubby was able to fix, and a dryer that NOT working. And water soaked carpets. And a two year old, who poured out a packet of kool aid onto the couch...and wet MY bed this morning. And Alexandria's shoes are missing...doubtlessly bagged up into one of the MANY bags of wet, dirty laundry. But I digress. Here is a blog that is helping me see my way out of the chaos. The best lesson I learned from it (well, so far)? Doing one thing at a time, to completion even if it means others are untouched for the moment, rather than having several things "in progress" or half done. Good reading for my heart. I am hoping it might help some of you out there too? If anyone else is as disorganized and tended towards chaos as I am....


Nana said...

So...just read the post fron Se7en + 1 and I have to agree with alot that she said. However, doing one thing at a time (until completion) is sometimes impossible whether you have 1 -3 -8-10-or 19 children. So, multi-tasking is an awesome virtue - so don't disregard it.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Continuing to lift up prayers!
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