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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tonight Is...

The last regular season football game for Emanuel's team. It's a reschedule of a game that was rained out a few weeks back (or lighteninged out I should say). Anyways, the whole family is going to cheer the team on. And, Albert and I are thinking of showing up dressed in Halloween costumes, you know, just to embarrass our son. Because he'd absolutely die if we did it. The thing is, we have adult size Pooh and Tiger costumes.
Last year, at the end of the season Albert and I each put on old football pads and helmets and charged across the park to Manny's game dressed that way. He saw us and quickly looked away, pretending not to see. I was pregnant too, which just sweetened the deal. Even though I was only showing a little. As Manny quickly looked away, we ran to the sidelines and called his name. Loudly. Until he acknowledged us. It was great. Brandon was there too and found it hilarious, until one of his school friends also in attendance, called out, "Hey Brandon, ain't that your parents?"
We haven't decided for sure if we're going as Pooh and Tiger tonight, especially since I'd have to be a breastfeeding Tiger, but we're thinking about it...


debi9kids said...

OMG! Do it Ang and make sure someone takes pictures of it. LOL

The Romero-Schroeder said...

LMAO, a breastfiding TIGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jajajajjaaj you wouldnt, would you?????????????

Anonymous said...

So?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you?!!!! And there had better be pics of you did!
Lifting up prayers!
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